‘Abortion Is Beautiful,’ Activists Claim in Ugly Online Article

May 11th, 2020 10:31 AM

On Monday, the pro-abortion website Rewire.News published a literary essay titled “Abortion Isn’t Beautiful” that ruminated on beauty and abortion. Apparently, some ladies were offended by the topic and complained the title was “stigmatizing and hurtful” – because anything other than complete praise and celebration of abortion is not tolerated.

Freelancer and abortion activist Paige Alexandria compiled 5 stories from women who’d had abortions claiming they were “beautiful” in the rebuttal, “5 People Share Why Their Abortion Was Beautiful.” Their stories are sickening, as any pretention that the bloody, violent death of an unborn child is beautiful would be.

Caitlin Lejarzar-Gaffin, 31, of West Virginia, listed her TWO abortions as “things that were truly and utterly full of gorgeous light and warmth and love.” She described her medication abortion, “I passed a small amount of blood and tissue into the toilet. I felt so relieved. It was beautiful.” Sick.

She gushed:

My abortions brought me joy and relief and sanity when I needed it most. They allowed me to be myself and direct what happens within my own body and life. I think back on my abortions and related experiences with deep fondness and appreciation. My abortions were beautiful. Abortion is beautiful.

Jordyn Close, 23, of Ohio, said of her late first trimester abortion, “making the decision that I already knew was correct for me an incredibly empowering and beautiful experience.” She complained, “Until very recently, there was no room for abortion stories that were positive.” Now that’s all that’s allowed to be told!

Holly Bland, 25, of Wisconsin, was also happy about her abortion and attributed her life now to the death of her baby:

My decision to have an abortion wasn’t a difficult one. It was a necessary one, and it was a beautiful one. For the first time in my life I was able to make a decision for myself, my life, and my future—one that has allowed me to graduate college and put me on a path to recovery from a decade of disordered eating.

Michelle, 38, of Texas, found out in her second trimester that her son had Trisomy 13, a chromosome disorder with a short life expectancy. She decided “the most compassionate and loving thing” to do was to kill her baby in the womb. She claimed, “[I]t was an act of love, and my son was still welcomed into the world with loving arms, and he only knew the love, warmth, and security of his mother.” He could have been welcomed into the world without having been actively killed, but instead what precious little life he had was prematurely snuffed out. And somehow this was beautiful.

Michelle Love-Davis, 38, of Ohio, said her decision to have an abortion was “made easily and without hesitation.” She now helps fund other women’s elective abortions which she claims is “beautiful.”

These women are not representative, they are abortion activists, almost all of whom admit to working for pro-abortion causes. Check out Silent No More to hear the heartbreaking stories of people hurt by abortion.

The truth is, abortion is ugly, cruel, and hateful. No amount of pro-abortion propaganda will ever change that fact.