VIDEO: Reagan Economist Rips Biden Economy: ‘People Want To Feel Safe’

January 9th, 2024 12:51 PM

Reagan Economist Rips Bidenomics: ‘People Want To Feel Safe’ While the legacy media jumps for joy in Bidenomics, it’s becoming clear that everyday Americans who bear the brunt of President Joe Biden’s policies are not feeling that same disconnected delight.

Reagan advisory economist and Laffer Associates chairman Arthur Laffer has an answer for this massive disconnect. On the Jan. 4 edition of Making Money With Charles Payne on Fox Business, Laffer declared, “The Biden administration has done everything to make things more chaotic, less controlled, less calm, less predictable. And that’s not what people want…They want to feel safe… and they want to keep more of their own income.” Because of the “unpredictability” fomented by Biden, Laffer said, “I hope the voters give [the Biden administration] the boot when they come this November.”  

Indeed. Laffer’s remarks are echoed in several polls. Yet the media can never seem to wrap their minds around this sentiment.



Laffer described the needs of the American people that appear so elusive to Biden, “They do care about prices, not inflation. If prices were lower and inflation were a little bit higher no one would care. Price being lower is what people want.” Laffer further explained: “People don't care about the unemployment rate… They care about the employment rate. Do I have a job? Do the other people have jobs? The employment rate today is very low in this country.”

Laffer raised a similar point about interest rates: “They care about how high interest rates are, not whether they're rising or falling. That's what they care about.”

When it comes to the GDP, Laffer argued that it “is way below the trend line from before Trump... So we have very low production but we’re growing rapidly from a low base. [People] don’t care about the growing, they care about the low base. And that’s what the real problem [is].”

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The concerns shown by Laffer do not just impact Americans’ financial lives, either. Laffer went on: “People care about peace, not whether the negotiations are going well. We have wars all over the place. People want security in their homes… They don't want chaos at the border. They want order.”

“People want to have a nice orderly life. Not a chaotic life. This is crazy what is going on with this administration,” Laffer said. 

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