MUST SEE: Kudlow SLAMS Biden Economy: ‘The Legacy of Bidenomics Mistakes' Lives On

January 5th, 2024 3:14 PM

Kudlow Rebukes Biden: ‘The Legacy of Bidenomics Mistakes Lives On’ The disastrous effects of Bidenomics are angering Americans in droves, and the media and politicians need to understand the reason behind this.

Fox Business anchor Larry Kudlow laid into the Biden administration’s horrible policies in the Jan. 2 edition of his eponymous show. “Right at the start of his term,” Kudlow said about President Joe Biden, “he front-loaded massive federal spending, regulations and his socialist Green New Deal war against fossil fuels. The result? Skyrocketing inflation.” Kudlow pointed out that the “legacy of Bidenomics mistakes” is “about plunging affordability.” He explained: “It’s the falling level of wages and the rising level of prices that has caused high anxiety” for Americans in Bidenomics.


Kudlow also noted the massive disapproval of Biden’s economy earlier in his remark.  “President Biden and his staff are mystified at their continued basement-level economic polls,” Kudlow said. He cited a Fox News poll saying, “Biden’s economy is rating at just 21 percent, with 78 percent saying it’s in bad shape.”

The Fox Business host laughed about Biden’s reaction, saying, “Now, President Biden is blaming the media. Ha! Ha! Ha! But he should blame his own policies!” 

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Kudlow then began his extensive tirade against the failures of Biden policies by mentioning the “socialist,” climate-crazy reasons behind the massive inflation. He also described the Bidenomics problem of affordability. Kudlow explained: “According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, real average weekly earnings back in January 2021 was $399…. Now in November 2023 — the most recent — that same measure…stood at $380. That's $19 or 4.7 percent less than three years ago.”

He continued, “And as if that weren’t bad enough demoralizing the economy, the level of consumer prices has gone up 17 percent. So, our middle-class family has lost over 20 percent of purchasing power under Joe Bidenomics.” 

This is what the media doesn’t understand about the real downfalls of Bidenomics to the American people. “They don’t buy and sell GDP. They don’t live on year-to-year inflation rates,” Kudlow said. Instead, Kudlow pointed out that the issue is that ”affordability had dropped significantly over the past three years.”

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