WATCH: Larry Kudlow Takes Blowtorch to ‘Bidenomics’

February 28th, 2023 2:12 PM

Fox Business host Larry Kudlow ripped President Joe Biden’s abysmal economy and had a few choice words for the 2024 GOP presidential candidates.

Kudlow recounted the many failures of Biden’s economy during a Feb. 24 segment on Fox Business’ Kudlow. In addition, the host went tough on the 2024 GOP presidential candidates for their apparent lack of effort to address America’s urgent economic needs. “Where’s the Republican presidential campaign growth and prosperity solution plan?,” he asked. “So far I haven’t heard any of the leading candidates on this topic. Bidenomics has failed, so how is the GOP gonna turn failure into success?”

Kudlow blasted the soaring inflation rates in the Biden economy being exacerbated by reckless government spending. 

“All the inflation reports in January were shockingly bad,” he said. “Energy is up almost 10 percent, food (is) up 11 percent, producer prices up 6 percent, consumer prices up 6.4 percent. The deficit is expected to double from 1.4 trillion today to nearly 3 trillion over the ten year window. Total deficits will come to 20.3 trillion dollars or an incredible 7.3 percent of GDP. Outside of wartime or a national emergency, these are shocking numbers never seen before.” 



But it’s not just the Biden administration that was in apparent need of a rude awakening. Kudlow called out the current GOP presidential candidates for allegedly fumbling the ball on the economy: 

“The sick Biden economy opens a door for a huge Republican presidential opportunity in the 2024 election. The trouble is none of the leading Republicans are saying that…I don’t hear a thing about economic growth and prosperity. I don’t hear a thing about a simple formula that includes lower spending, tax cuts, deregulation and a strong dollar.”

Kudlow drove the point home by pointing out that “growth and prosperity is the single biggest issue out there and will remain so.” He continued: “There are a lot of issues, always are, but the lack of growth and prosperity dwarfs them all. I’m blowing the whistle on all of them. This here is tough love. We need economic stewardship, and we need it right away.” 

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