BLACKOUT: Morning News Shows Ignore Skyrocketing Meat Prices

September 14th, 2021 5:11 PM

The ABC, CBS and NBC morning news shows continued to shield President Joe Biden from bad economic news as meat prices for consumers skyrocketed across the country.

National Public Radio (NPR) said that beef prices have surged a whopping “12.2% over the last year,” based on a new Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation report.  Here’s the kicker: The data show that beef is now “one of the costliest items in the surging bills that consumers face today at the grocery store.” 

Food Dive reported in June of a spike in meat and poultry demand while meat processing companies were wrestling with worker shortages. The “surge in meat prices is contributing to high inflation,” NPR stated in its reporting. ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS Mornings, NBC’s Today and NBC’s 3rd Hour of Today failed to report the bad news during their Sept. 14, broadcasts.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased 5.3 percent on a year-to-year basis, “still near the highest level in nearly 13 years,” NPR reported. Pork prices jumped "9.8 percent" in the last year while chicken prices jumped "7.2 percent." One cattle farmer put the skyrocketing costs of meat into perspective for NPR: “‘It's just outrageous. I can't even understand how people are supposed to be able to pay that kind of money for basic stuff like ground beef.’” But the Big Three morning news networks couldn’t be bothered to share any of this with viewers.

GMA’s coverage was arguably the worst. The network spent a gigantic 375 seconds of its news coverage promoting the liberal elitist MET Gala in the minutes following the BLS’ inflation report drop at 8:30 a.m. There was zero coverage of the inflation data.



CBS Mornings coverage at 8:30 a.m. was just as despicable. Instead of covering the inflation news on meat prices, the network spent 85 seconds of coverage pushing a company’s mad scientist scheme to resurrect woolly mammoths in order to fight climate change.



NBC’s Today, instead of covering the inflation data, spent a whopping 325 seconds of useless news coverage on a cookbook by “Queer Eye” star Antoni Porowski. “Queer Eye” is a pro-LGBTQ show about gay professionals giving advice.


NBC’s 3rd Hour of Today was no better as it used up 199 seconds of news coverage talking about meaningless TikTok fashion trends.



Conservatives are under attack. Contact ABC News (818-460-7477), CBS News (212-975-3247) and NBC News (212- 664-6192) and demand they address the life or death concerns of everyday Americans such as the skyrocketing prices of basic American food.