WATCH: Stuart Varney Wrecks State Lockdowns, Media Take on Economy: ‘Enough’

February 24th, 2021 3:05 PM

Fox Business host Stuart Varney ripped the draconian lockdowns inflicted by states in the U.S. in an editorialized segment of his show.

Varney didn’t mince words when he began his segment with the following statement: “Enough is enough!” He continued: “I think I can say that America is truly tired of lockdowns and absolutely fed up with school closures. The pandemic is winding down, and it’s high time public policy reflected that.”

Varney didn’t let up in his lambasting of the logic behind government authorities continuing to destroy their economies through harsh restrictions: “Enough with the contradictory statements put out by Dr. Fauci. Enough with the oh, so tentative reopening moves.” Varney rightly questioned if “100 percent open for business Florida” was really so “much more dangerous than still-restricted New York and California.” Lastly, Varney said, “And enough with this nonsense that our children are safer cooped up at home rather than learning in school.”

In Varney’s estimation, “The left has played this pandemic: First to undermine President Trump, then to plea for a bailout of their lockdown economies.” Varney even went after the media for pushing scare-mongering stories to keep America crippled: “The media? Always pushing scare stories. Always critical of governors like Ron DeSantis of Florida. Always pandering to the floundering governors of New York and California. Enough already!”

Watch Wednesday's editorial segment below:



“Our society has been put through the ringer, both at work and at home,” Varney said. “Lockdowns killed the economy — devastated so many lives. School closures have been an educational disaster. Some of our major cities are financially and socially ruined. We’re all fed up with this.”

Varney hammered his point home in his conclusion:

It’s just a few weeks to the spring — a few weeks before a third of the population is inoculated. We are one year into this mess. I think we’re coming out of it. Our public policy should reflect that, please.

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