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CNN's New Day anchor Chris Cuomo apparently isn’t too fond of his MSNBC rivals, as he criticized his competitor Morning Joe, for their access to the President-elect, complaining that: “they have always been boosters. Things turned south when Trump froze them out but coverage always stilted. They are transition spokesmen now.” 


You don’t often hear this kind of bluntness on MSNBC. But Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough on Friday lashed out at journalistic coverage of the 2016 race, saying, “If you get it wrong as consistently as the media has gotten it wrong, then at some point Americans just turn off the media. They stop listening to us!” While discussing President-elect Donald Trump’s “Thank You Tour,” Scarborough and his panelists became introspective over the media’s failure to predict the state of the race. 

BBC World News America’s Washington correspondent Katty Kay doesn’t appreciate the low regard Trump fans have for the press. Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Thursday, Kay lamented that the President-elect “certainly feels the freedom to go around [reporters]", complaining, “his supporters would probably agree with that strategy because they don't have much respect for the media anyway.” 

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, as the usual liberal commentators and co-hosts were discussing the ongoing Trump transition appointments to the most important economic positions in the federal government, co-host Willie Geist invited and asked New York Times journalist David Leonhardt: “So, do you do you read anything into these appointments in the last 24 hours, to Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross or Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin?”

The liberal hosts and pundits on Tuesday’s Morning Joe discussed once again the role of the mainstream media in the post-election stage concerning the Trump transition’s relations with the Republican Party as well as the future of the Democratic Party. MSNBC commentator Mike Barnicle stated that: “it saddens me to say this, but the media took a bigger hit in this year's election process, and over the past two years than any one of the political parties” as host Joe Scarborough added: “…and they deserved it!”

The latest breaking news in US foreign relations concerning the end of Cuba’s Castro era was debated among Cuban-Americans on the cast of Monday’s Morning Joe. The MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski invited three Cuban-Americans: FOX News contributor and author Humberto Fontova along with GOP strategist Alex Castellanos to discuss former CNN host Soledad O’Brien’s defense of President Obama’s controversial comments about Castro’s “complicated” legacy. Evidently, the death of the Communist dictator who played a central role in sparking the Cuban Missile Crisis at the height of the Cold War, remains subject to ideological interpretation within the mainstream media.

The liberal hosts and pundits on Tuesday’s Morning Joe discussed and analyzed the controversial, closed door meeting between President-elect Trump and the press that took place at Trump Tower. Yesterday, Donald Trump had summoned and then criticized the media and corporate representatives from the biggest broadcast news networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX.  Today though, Trump initially cancelled but then showed up later in the day to a press conference meeting with The New York Times.

On Monday’s Morning Joe, the liberal media’s concern about appointments to the Trump administration was once again observed concerning the latest controversial selection of White House chief strategist. Former Trump campaign chief executive officer, Steve Bannon was appointed last week to one of the most important advisory positions in the White House. Bannon, a former chairman of Breitbart News, has been accused by the leftist press of embodying too far right policies. 


On Monday’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough in a conversation concerning who the Trump administration would be appointing to positions of power and what policy achievements they would reach, warned his colleagues in the media not to be too quick in making negative determinations as they mistakenly did, time and time again throughout the election.

In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s historic victory over Hillary Clinton in this epic election, the media descended into a state of total shock and surprise. On Wednesday’s and Thursday’s exclusive election editions of Morning Joe, the liberal commentators present conducted a series of serious self-critical discussions on doing their jobs as journalists, which at one point turned controntational toward the media.

As we enter the final weekend before Election Day with national polls showing a close race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the mass media has been busy contemplating about what they did wrong throughout the past year’s election cycle. On Friday’s Morning Joe, an intense conversation unfolded a number of times between the host Joe Scarborough and MSNBC’s liberal commentators and guests which culminated in him exploding at his colleagues: “You people, you need to do your job and be journalists! You're really disgusting!” 

In the final week before Election Day, representatives from both political campaigns were invited on Thursday’s Morning Joe, though only Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway appeared on the show and used the opportunity to thank the hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski for calling out media bias on Wednesday’s broadcast.

In the final week before Election Day, most of the media had been eager to announce that the race is already over for Donald Trump. However, with the renewed federal investigation of Hillary Clinton, on Wednesday’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough sharply expressed his opinion: “I cannot believe the hatred and the vitriol that was spewed at you for saying the race wasn't over last week by fools in the media who decided to go cheerleaders instead of being reporters and it's been that way for too long.”

While WikiLeaks revelations concerning corruption at the Clinton Foundation where released today, on Thursday’s Morning Joe, MSNBC’s political correspondent Kasie Hunt obnoxiously stated that “Hillary Clinton is enjoying an enormous honeymoon period. Whether it’s with the press who covers her or whether it’s with the polling. She's really riding high.”

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, co-host Joe Scarborough once again was forced to actually tell the truth about the liberal bias in media coverage throughout this entire election. Scarborough, a former Florida Republican congressman, began the discussion stating that: “[A]s a Republican there's a natural reaction to press bias and it has been so overwhelming even if it is has been earned. The media has taken sides. They've aggressively taken sides and they’ve admitted that we're aggressively taking sides...”

Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this Tuesday, the BBC’s Katty Kay burst out laughing at attempts to compare Donald Trump’s campaign to the successful Brexit referendum and revolution in Britain. On this Tuesday’s Morning Joe, exactly two weeks before election night, host Joe Scarborough initiated the discussion stating that “the Trump campaign has been saying for a week now that this is going to be America's Brexit.” 

As the liberal media excitedly discuss the imagined idea of a big Hillary Clinton win, the commentators of Monday’s Morning Joe promoted New York Times articles on what to press will do in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s “reckoning.”

One authored by Ross Douthat on ‘The Dangers of Hillary Clinton” concerned: “the dangers of elite group think, of beltway power worship, of a cult of presidential action in the service of dubious ideals. Almost every crisis that's come upon the West in the last 15 years has its roots in this establishmentarian type of folly.”

In the aftermath of the final Presidential debate, this Thursday’s Morning Joe discussed how news headlines circulated surprise and outrage at Donald Trump’s response on accepting the outcome of the election more than any other aspect of the debate that covered a number of social issues as well as economic and foreign policy.

The liberal commentators including hosts and pundits on Tuesday’s Morning Joe admitted that the press coverage of the entire election has expressed a clear disconnect between the electorate and the elitist establishment. In attempting to understand why Trump supporters agree to his recent claims of a ‘rigged election’ and why he has not lost a lot of support despite a dramatic increase in negative stories, co-host Mika Brzezinski admitted that the “condescending liberal media, they missed the story.”

Thus far, the ongoing WikiLeaks releases of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail information on controversial conversations received minimal press coverage over the weekend as a conflict in US-Russian relations has unfolded over alleged Russian cyber hacks into the Clinton campaign.