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We sure have come a long way from the rebellious Hollywood of the 1960s and 70s; the Hollywood that railed against The Man and conformity, and preached to a generation of young people about the idea of  liberty and individualism.

 In just a few generations the guardians of Hollywood have gone from Easy Riders to "Funny or Die" sell-outs eager to propagandize for Big Government, all in an effort to dupe young people into paying for health insurance they do not need:

In a piece of obvious stunt-casting, Oscar-nominated director Lee Daniels chose Jane Fonda  to portray Nancy Reagan in his new film "The Butler" -- the story of a black man who served eight American presidents during his long White House career. Naturally, because this is Hollywood, we all knew where this was going from the start, and now it's confirmed that Mrs. Reagan's going to be portrayed as "mean."

"I thought the part was too mean," Fonda told NBC 4 anchor Robert Kovacik in a Q&A at the Millennium Biltmore hotel, in a "lightning round" Q&A after she received the Los Angeles Press Club's inaugural Visionary Award. So she sought Butler's permission to tone down the role, saying she didn't want the the character to do anything mean that Reagan didn't do in real life.

And when I say "The Left," that of course includes Hollywood, which is overwhelmingly left-wing, overwhelmingly in support of Barack Obama, overwhelmingly supports tax increases for the rich, and constantly casts big business as the villain.

But naturally, when it comes to big bad wealthy types and big bad businesses getting tax breaks, the left, including Hollywood, only oppose that for everyone but…Hollywood!

The mainstream media will spend ten days losing their ever-loving minds blaming a Sarah Palin campaign map a killer never saw for that killer’s actions, but this news about a confessed terrorist admitting that a clip from Brian De Palma’s “Redacted” “prompted” him to murder two American airmen gets buried at the bottom of a Salt Lake City newspaper article:

Unlike the corrupt mainstream media, Disney Studios has no obligation, moral or otherwise, to inform anyone about the White House throwing a lavish Hollywood-themed party during the depths of the Great Recession. But it is more than a little revealing that just prior to the release of a big-budget adaptation of “Alice In Wonderland,” the studio wouldn’t use a White House event ATTENDED BY THE PRESIDENT AND THE FIRST LADY to help promote the film.

The New York Post:

Interesting analysis below, but what’s most glaring is that neither Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid nor House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi received enough attention from our brave Late Night gang to even rank on this list. However! Two years-plus out of office, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney got hit 36 and 66 times respectively.

Takes an awful lot of guts to Speak! Truth! To! The! Out! Of! Power!

The subtext of this unbelievably stupid article brought to us courtesy of The Incredible Shrinking Los Angeles Times, is that adultery sells on television because our society is changing to the point where we’re now warming up to the idea of marital infidelity. This is the actual subtitle of this very poorly researched piece of cultural propaganda: Cheating spouses are prevalent on prime-time TV. Blame society’s changing views on marriage and fidelity, and the shows’ need to push boundaries to succeed.

In other words, television is following society, not the other way around. Whatever. Here’s a snip:

GLAAD is a cancer on all things free speech. They make the backers of the old Production Code  and those anti-Communist Blacklisters look like look like Marxist libertines. From The Wrap: "The ABC comedy 'Work It' doesn’t even premiere until January 3, and already it’s invoking ire from rights groups."

The death of Christopher Hitchens hits like the 2008 death of Tim Russert. Both were men you really wanted to hear from during a looming presidential election.

The word being tossed about in reference to the passing of Hitchens is “contrarian,” and that strikes me as a little unfair. Hitchens could be infuriating and even wrong, but there was nothing dishonest or insincere about the man. Though it’s not the perfect definition of contrarian, I don’t believe for a second that Hitchens ever once took a stand simply to be provocative or contrary.

This is a good time to bring up something that’s been bothering me for a couple of years now. As someone who has made his way in the world all on my own and without the help of rich parents or family connections, do I resent the fact that Tim Russert’s son Luke has been shot by the cannon of nepotism into a job men twice his age and with ten times his experience only dream of? Actually, no.

This is how the world works. Relationships matter and that’s life. I do, however, resent the fact that he’s not up to the job and that every time he’s on MSNBC talking about his Congressional beat I get “Bugsy Malone” flashbacks.

Kyle Smith of the New York Post and I may share a similar political philosophy but we rarely agree on films. I sense we might agree on this one:

…but as “J.Edgar” sits at an astonishing 39 percent [at Rotten Tomatoes] it would be disingenuous not to notice that this film is getting hammered by critics. Despite its Oscar-winning director, writer (Dustin Lance Black) and Oscar-nominated star Leo DiCaprio, it is at the same approval level as “Immortals.” This is a disaster for a serious, highbrow, historical drama. The thought of critical reception didn’t occur to anyone on the set of “Immortals” but “J.Edgar” was made to win critical hosannas and Oscars....Oh, and “J.Edgar” is terrible and I predict pitiful box office and zero Oscar nominations.

These kinds of venomous attacks from the Left were to be expected after Cain’s recent surge. Awful people. Thankfully, Cain seems unconcerned and will just keep on keeping on in the department of thinking for himself — which we all know is a hate crime if you look a certain way. From the Daily Caller:

I loved Herman Cain when he played Mr. Gaines on a different World,” Hughley tweeted. This prompted other tweets by Hughley and his followers that implied Cain was an Uncle Tom and not REALLY black because he is a conservative who doesn’t choose to believe in Democrat plantation policies that keep blacks economically oppressed. Apparently, Hughley was too absorbed in his racist Twitter banter to notice a recent Rasmussen poll that found Cain trailing Obama by just 5% in a hypothetical match-up.

To me this ‘raise my taxes!” nonsense coming from wealthy hypocrites is exactly like this Global Warming nonsense coming from wealthy hypocrites. How’s this for a compromise: when you start living like the planet’s in peril only then will I stop laughing in your lying hypocritical face every time you open your lying hypocritical mouth.

To have gazillionaires wring their lying hypocritical hands over the plight of Mother Earth from air conditioned mansions as they ply their trade in an entertainment industry that guzzles more energy than Halliburton and Walmart combined, epitomizes a lack of self-awareness so pathetic it should qualify you as being mentally ill.

The BBC’s entire approach to this subject is wildly dishonest. There are no problems between Muslims and non-Muslims in America. We got along just fine pre-9/11, got along just fine the day after 9/11, and get along just fine today.

The BBC:

If Obama’s so smart, why the teleprompter addiction? Why “corpseman”? Why does our economy remain still-born after he enjoyed two years of having every piece of legislation he asked for passed and enacted into law? 

If Obama’s so compassionate why – after watching his policies fail for the last two-and-a-half  years — is he going to request more of the same in yet another nationally televised speech?

If Hollywood supporters of President Spread-The-Wealth — specifically Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire – allegedly participated in alleged high-stakes poker games and allegedly won alleged money, did any of them report their alleged winnings to the IRS? Or, if they were concerned about the alleged illegality of these alleged high-stakes poker games, did they blindly donate the appropriate tax-the-rich portion to the treasury?

For those of you who don’t know Joe McGinniss, he’s the “journalist” who– unaware of the difference between Dian Fossey and Bob Woodward —  made the ridiculously creepy decision to move in  next door to the Palin family in order to intimidate and gain attention for himself research his upcoming hit-job “The Rogue.” According to Politico, he’ll be one of many during this campaign season using the obscene tactic of weaponizing Palin’s very own children as political bludgeons against her.

I’m a major Peter Fonda fan, think he’s one of the best character actors working today and can’t imagine life without “Easy Rider,” but this is way, way over the line. The sentiment is hard to disagree with and I’m no Obama fan, but he is the President of the United States and trashing him in this manner overseas at Cannes is hardly different than what all but ended the Dixie Chicks career.

Lately, there have been duelling stories in the entertainment press about the future of ”Atlas Shrugged.” With disappointing box office returns, the producers have been asked if they will go ahead and complete the franchise and in one interview we’re being told there will be no trilogy and in another we’re being told that there will. To clear the air, I reached out via email and “Atlas” producers John Aglialoro and Harmon Kaslow were both good enough to respond with exclusive qu

While we always worry when we find ourselves in agreement with Mediaite, we are happy to see the idea we promoted last week picking up some steam.