'J. Edgar' Film 'Disappointment of the Year'

November 16th, 2011 6:50 AM

Kyle Smith of the New York Post and I may share a similar political philosophy but we rarely agree on films. I sense we might agree on this one:

…but as “J.Edgar” sits at an astonishing 39 percent [at Rotten Tomatoes] it would be disingenuous not to notice that this film is getting hammered by critics. Despite its Oscar-winning director, writer (Dustin Lance Black) and Oscar-nominated star Leo DiCaprio, it is at the same approval level as “Immortals.” This is a disaster for a serious, highbrow, historical drama. The thought of critical reception didn’t occur to anyone on the set of “Immortals” but “J.Edgar” was made to win critical hosannas and Oscars....Oh, and “J.Edgar” is terrible and I predict pitiful box office and zero Oscar nominations.


Kyle’s a superb writer. His blog is here.

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Editor's note: Smith also wrote:

Among the Eastwood pictures that have higher RT scores are the notorious flops "Hereafter" (46 percent), "Changeling" (62 percent), "Blood Work" (53 percent), "True Crime" (54 percent), "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" (47 percent), "Absolute Power" (45 percent), "A Perfect World" (79 percent, and may I say, "Huh?") and even "The Rookie" (50 percent)...Clint Eastwood has an excellent claim on being the most overrated director of the era.