BBC: Is America Ready for 'Little Mosque on the Prairie'?

September 9th, 2011 1:58 PM

The BBC’s entire approach to this subject is wildly dishonest. There are no problems between Muslims and non-Muslims in America. We got along just fine pre-9/11, got along just fine the day after 9/11, and get along just fine today.

The BBC:

Influential American broadcaster Katie Couric has suggested a way to change attitudes to Muslims in the US.

Pointing to the success in the 1980s and 90s of TV sitcom The Cosby Show in improving relations between African-Americans and whites, she argues that a Muslim version of the show may counter some Americans’ negative perceptions of the community.

But just across the border, in Canada, this “Muslim Cosby Show” already exists. Little Mosque on the Prairie, made in Toronto, is recording its sixth and final series. 

...Of course the show has not escaped controversy, but not always from the most obvious places.

Last year Wikileaks published a diplomatic cable from the US embassy in Ottawa to Washington warning that the programme was guilty of what it called "insidious negative popular stereotyping" of Americans in Canada.

This was thanks to satirical depictions of an over-zealous US border official on the show.

On hearing about this minor diplomatic spat, American/Canadian executive producer Mary Darling immediately sent a package to the White House - the "offending" episode of Little Mosque wrapped up in a bow.

To her surprise a reply came back from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton herself, thanking the show's makers for "everything you're doing to foster cross-cultural unity and understanding through comedy".


Judging by the Left’s “eliminationist” rhetoric when it comes to we “sons of bitches” and their obvious need to fulfill violent fantasies through video games, what this country might need is something more along the lines of ”Little Tea Party On the Prairie.”

It broke on NewsBusters: Katie Couric Calls for Muslim 'Cosby Show' to Educate Americans