Creepy ‘Journalist’ Who Moved in Next Door to Palin Family Freaked Over Upcoming Movie

May 25th, 2011 4:11 PM

For those of you who don’t know Joe McGinniss, he’s the “journalist” who– unaware of the difference between Dian Fossey and Bob Woodward —  made the ridiculously creepy decision to move in  next door to the Palin family in order to intimidate and gain attention for himself research his upcoming hit-job “The Rogue.” According to Politico, he’ll be one of many during this campaign season using the obscene tactic of weaponizing Palin’s very own children as political bludgeons against her.

Kenneth Vogel at Politico, who helpfully amplified and mainstreamed McGinniss’ work:

McGinniss, who said his publisher wouldn’t let him do interviews, has compared the Palin family’s life to a soap opera and signaled that his book will focus on the mother of all Palin conspiracy theories: the long-simmering, though widely rejected, allegation that Palin’s daughter Bristol or someone else entirely is actually the mother of Palin’s youngest son, Trig.

As I wrote here, in this respect, McGinniss will be very useful to Obama’s Palace Guards in the MSM (like Politico) when it comes to these non-stop attempts to destroy the Governor through every method imaginable — even using her own children. And this will happen whether she runs for the presidency or not because the Left and their MSM allies are desperate to keep the Palin-Fury brewing — the nonsense that freak-shows her family, obscures her record, distracts from the issues, and constantly portrays her as unserious. In other words, they want to talk about everything except Palin’s time as Governor and her positions on the issues. McGinniss is a bad man, though, not a dumb one, and he apparently understands the power of popular culture and what a million dollar documentary-feature focused on the issues can do to help swamp and overcome the dishonest narrative he and his ilk are trying to make permanent:

Scott Conroy, co-author of the 2009 quasi-bio Sarah from Alaska:  The Sudden Rise and Brutal Education of a New Conservative Superstar, announces on RealClearPolitics that a film described as “Sarah’s Secret Weapon” will premiere in Iowa in June.

The film has been financed and produced by Stephen K. Bannon, an ex-Goldman Sachs investment banker previously known for In The Face of Evil: Reagan’s War in Word and Deed, and such other right-wing red meat feasts as Fire from The Heartland and Generation Zero.

Bannon clearly has money and anger to burn, and he’s now all-in with Sarah.

Laugh him off at your own (or our) peril.

Here’s the million dollar (rhetorical) question: Who will get more media attention? A dark-hearted “journalist” willing to use children as partisan political props or a well-respected and seasoned filmmaker who  risked a million of his own dollars to lay out the record and vision of a potential GOP candidate?

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