D.L. Hughley Launches Racial Attack on Cain

October 1st, 2011 10:13 AM

These kinds of venomous attacks from the Left were to be expected after Cain’s recent surge. Awful people. Thankfully, Cain seems unconcerned and will just keep on keeping on in the department of thinking for himself — which we all know is a hate crime if you look a certain way. From the Daily Caller:

I loved Herman Cain when he played Mr. Gaines on a different World,” Hughley tweeted. This prompted other tweets by Hughley and his followers that implied Cain was an Uncle Tom and not REALLY black because he is a conservative who doesn’t choose to believe in Democrat plantation policies that keep blacks economically oppressed. Apparently, Hughley was too absorbed in his racist Twitter banter to notice a recent Rasmussen poll that found Cain trailing Obama by just 5% in a hypothetical match-up.

Several tweets later, Hughley wrote:

#Herman Cain could model for a pancake box

This enticed others to compare Cain to the “original Cream of Wheat,” “Stepin Fetchit” and the “butler in Gone with the Wind” — all of which conjure up demeaning, racist caricatures used during the pre- and post-Civil War era to describe the “dutiful slave.”

It’s shocking that, in the 21st century, blacks would so viciously attack a black man because he didn’t agree with their politics. Martin Luther King Jr. would be horrified because this isn’t the freedom he fought and died for.

Even more surprising is the fact that Hughley hasn’t removed or denounced any of the tweets, particularly the one which makes an offensive reference to Sarah Palin.

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