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NBA star-activists may be hip, but they’re also depressed about the change of leadership in Washington. As they pout over Barack Obama’s departure from the White House, a writer for the left-leaning Bleacher Report is encouraging them to lead reprisals against President Trump and white, far-right Americans who voted him into the Oval Office.

Cheating and scandal have proven unable to shake New England Patriots’ fans from their attachment to the controversial National Football League team. However, the personal off-the-field decisions of three key leaders of the team are proving too much to overlook.

As we close out a year in which the news media worked overtime to earn the public’s contempt, spare a thought for their little siblings at the Sports Desk. Sports hacks are just as liberal, insular and arrogant as their “hard news” colleagues, and their desire to be taken seriously means they inject politics and ideology into issues where they just don’t belong.

No one yet knows who broke into the home of New York Giants’ fullback Nikita Whitlock, drew swastikas and wrote “Trump” and racist remarks on his walls, but multiple sports media exploited the crime to characterize President-elect Donald Trump and his supporters as racists.

It’s open season on President-elect Trump’s cabinet nominees and potential nominees. Left-stream media are pouring it on, hoping to derail any and all of them. New York Daily News one-time/sometimes sports writer Mike Lupica is one, blitzing Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a potential Trump pick for secretary of state. Giuliani is one of the Left's – and Lupica's – favorite targets right now.