ABC’s ‘Galavant’ Is Everything that Every Other Show Is Not, and It’s Awesome

In a day and age where it is increasingly difficult to find family friendly entertainment that is actually funny for the whole family at 8 o’clock at night, even on a Sunday, I’m happy to let you know that ABC’s Galavant provides all of those things.

One of the best attributes of the show is that it seems to realize it’s a medieval musical comedy on in primetime, and doesn’t hold back from making fun of itself and pretty much everything else. As in this opening number where they sing about the show’s new season while making fun of everything from television ratings to feminism:

This show is everything every typical medieval storyline is: damsel in distress, brave hero fighting against an evil ruler who thrives on punishing the innocent and preventing the hero and damsel from realizing their true love. However, the show delights in its predictability and jokes about it and the modern world around it throughout.

Which makes it different, and fun.

Look, musicals aren’t for everybody. I get that. But when they’re hilarious they’re far easier to deal with. It’s also nice to be able to leave your kid in the room with the TV on without having to look over your shoulder.