CBS Sports Radio Host Launches Into Bizarre Anti-Gun, Anti-Constitutional Rant

December 21st, 2015 2:41 AM

Something weird happens when lefty sports talk show hosts have more than enough sports to talk about. For some reason they decide to shun their veritable cornucopia of meaty sports topics, and instead dive into constitutional law.

Such was the case Sunday night when CBS radio host Doug Gottlieb who, apparently reacting to the then developing news of a driver plowing her car into a crowd of people in Las Vegas, went on a constitutionally-confused and downright bizarre twitter rant against the 2nd Amendment:

It’s rather precious that Gottlieb would say that countries that either don’t allow, or severely restrict private gun ownership don’t have the problems we have in America. When France, between the Charlie Hebdo attacks and the Paris attacks, has seen well over 100 of its citizens butchered by terrorists. And Australia, favored nation of all gun-grabbing libs, didn’t see a significant effect on gun homicide rates after their ban took effect in 1996.

Nor, is the bit about cars not being made for killing a compelling reason for not banning them. Box cutters weren’t made for killing either, were we wrong to search passengers for them after 9/11? Because they weren’t “made” to kill?

Not that I’m a proponent for banning cars mind you. Unfortunately, Gottlieb went on in a post that he later deleted (after fact-checking himself I assume):

Yeah, the dumb kind of burns on this one. The Bill of Rights, of which the Second Amendment was a part, was considered essential by many in getting universal agreement on the Constitution. In fact, it’s highly debatable that our tenuous union would have survived at all had there not been a clear statement on the limits of governmental power, so as to not intrude upon the natural rights and individual liberties we fought for in the first place. Also, there’s the fact that just because something is an “Amendment to the Constitution,” doesn’t make it…you know…fake-Constitutional. It’s still in there.

Gottlieb then cast his foul net even wider in a comment that he also later deleted:

Oh, if only our Founders had the privilege of having the great political/philosophical insights of Doug Gottlieb, how much better the world would have been. Of course, Gottlieb is referencing the 3/5 compromise, which according to someone who would know infinitely more about being a slave and being black (we’ll call him Frederick Douglas) than Doug Gottlieb would, the compromise was actually a huge victory for the anti-slavery movement.

And the Constitution itself, which Gottlieb mocks with scare quotes, was actually an anti-slavery document:

“I base my sense of the certain overthrow of slavery, in part, upon the nature of the American Government, the Constitution, the tendencies of the age, and the character of the American people….The Constitution, as well as the Declaration of Independence, and the sentiments of the founders of the Republic, give us a platform broad enough, and strong enough, to support the most comprehensive plans for the freedom and elevation of all the people of this country, without regard to color, class, or clime.”

Gottlieb finished with the kind of high-brow intellectual insight one might expect from a lefty sports journalist:

I think this response pretty much covers that: