Tom Brady Ends Presser When Questioned About Trump (VIDEO)

December 16th, 2015 4:53 PM

Like Coach, like Quarterback.

Apparently Bill Belichick is not the only member of the Patriots organization who has developed an intense dislike for the media. Which sometimes makes him given to spontaneously and abruptly ending press conferences.

Earlier Wednesday afternoon, Tom Brady abruptly ended his press conference with reporters. Though, for a much different reason than his coach normally does:

First of all, that hat that Brady is rocking with the old-school Patriot logo, complete with the Minuteman snapping the ball, is one of the greatest logos in sports history and it is nothing short of a national travesty that the Pats haven’t gone back to that.

Second, speaking of hats, Brady did kind of open the door to the whole Trump thing by having the “Make America Great Again” trucker hat in his locker. So don’t expect the media to let this go.