Bozell Unloads on Hateful Chris Matthews: Who Are You to Call Conservatives 'Haters'?

August 2nd, 2013 9:24 AM

On Thursday night’s “Media Mash” with Sean Hannity on Fox News, MRC president and "Collusion" author Brent Bozell unloaded on MSNBC star Chris Matthews for repeatedly citing conservative senators who are digging in against Obamacare as “terrorists.” Sean Hannity asked if MSNBC is so desperate for ratings that they’ll say anything now.

Brent said Chris Matthews isn’t a liberal any more. He’s a radical with no decency (video and transcript below):

BOZELL: I said today to Cruz, Lee, and Rubio, this morning as a matter of fact, I told them that when you are attacked this viciously and this personally, it means you're doing something right. Because, and this is not liberalism anymore, Sean. This is radicalism. I'm not going to call them liberals any more. Because there's a certain decency in liberalism that doesn't exist with these radicals.

And to hear Chris Matthews six times call United States Senators “haters”! And this is the man who then turns around and says that he wished he could put a CO2 pellet in Rush Limbaugh's head and watch it explode! He comes from a network where people have wished for the death of Dick Cheney! And he's going to call conservatives haters?

After playing a long clip of Matthews uncorking the usual rainbows-and-unicorns oozing over how wonderful Obama is, Hannity cracked to Mr. Hardball, “Why don't you just go to the White House and kiss him on the lips, and just hug the man, you're so in love with him? It's gross.”

Sean and Brent began with video from the Stephanie Miller show (soon to expire as Current TV switches to Al-Jazeera America) where CNN-contributor "comedian" Dean Obeidallah smeared Fox News: "I'm not kidding, if Fox News were around years ago when anti-Semitism was part of the mainstream, I have no doubt they would be anti-Semitic to get viewers. I have no doubt they would be pro-segregation to get viewers in the times of the civil rights movement....They just feed to the worst element of our society and thankfully their viewers are dying off."

Bozell said of Obeidallah: "Of course he knows it isn't the truth. They not only distort, they not only employ character assassination. They lie with complete abandon."