Brent Bozell Cracks Up Hannity: CNN, MSNBC Obamacare Spin 'Would Make Baghdad Bob Blush'

November 15th, 2013 8:09 AM

On Thursday night’s Media Mash on the Hannity show on Fox News Channel, Sean Hannity and MRC president Brent Bozell laughed about MSNBC’s Michael Smerconish, Ed Schultz, and Chris Matthews being the Three Stooges of Obamacare for attacking anyone (including the "so-called independent media") who’s admitting there was a rollout fiasco.

When they turned to how MSNBC’s Richard Wolffe and CNN’s Sanjay Gupta (who originally planned in 2009 to join the Obama administration to sell Obamacare) both used crappy-automobile analogies to disparage policies that were being cancelled by Obama, Bozell made Hannity laugh some more: (Video and transcript below)'s RICHARD WOLFFE (MSNBC's The Last Word, October 30): This is a bit like someone saying, ‘I’m going to sell you a $500 car, and then that pesky government says this car has to be road-worthy.’

Dr. SANJAY GUPTA (CNN's Piers Morgan Live, November 12): The number one cause of bankruptcy in United States is medical bills. And a large part of that is because there are really bad plans out there. I mean, I think this is a little bit of a red herring and, if you look at the numbers, this is a relatively small percentage of the population that we're talking about, that fits into this idea that they have plans, they want to keep them because they are buying insurance already on the individual market. But we have regulations for cars that are unsafe! People say, "I want to keep my Pinto. I don't want to be forced to buy a Ferrari."

HANNITY: They just rationalize the president’s made promises when he was selling this piece of garbage!

BOZELL: This is spin that, this is the kind of spin that would make Baghdad Bob blush. (Laughter) Look – and again, they’re saying – The insulting nature of it. The insurance policy you bought for your family is a Pinto! It's a piece of crap in their mind’s eye! President Obama was doing the right thing by canceling it.

HANNITY: You said I could keep my Pinto. Let me keep my Pinto.

The segment concluded with a clip of Chris Matthews demanding a purge of the Obama-hating “right wingers” from the Republican coalition: “Not once has Boehner or McConnell ever stood up and said, 'Those people are unacceptable,' in the way that Bill Buckley in the 1950s said anti-Semitism is not allowed in the American conservative coalition. Nobody says it.”

Bozell, the nephew of Bill Buckley, quickly dismissed that bile: “For him to evoke William F. Buckley, what he is doing is saying that the Republican Party needs to throw out the beliefs of William F. Buckley.”

Bozell appears weekly on "Hannity" to bring the MRC's latest clips of outrageous spin to the Fox News audience across America.