Vanity Fair Recycles Failed 2016 Predictions for 2020

August 23rd, 2019 5:20 PM
It's pretty much a done deal. President Donald Trump's chances of re-election are almost non-existent. In fact for him to win the 2020 election "might take an act of God." So declared T.A. Frank in Wednesday's Vanity Fair. And if Frank's smug certainty in prognosticating the outcome of the next election sounds familiar, he was just as certain of Trump's 2016 election…

Wow: Vanity Fair Wonders If Dems Will ‘Lose the Government Shutdown’

January 22nd, 2018 12:24 PM
Perhaps it is time to award Vanity Fair contributor T.A. Frank a kewpie doll for experiencing a brief moment of mental clarity. Although his January 21 column takes the requisite liberal shots at President Donald Trump and Republicans over the current government shutdown, when you get past that and dig into his details it amazingly confirms that Trump was correct in holding firm on the DACA…

Vanity Fair: Trump Should Be Impeached for Merely Being 'Offensive'

July 6th, 2017 8:45 PM
Remember the important qualifier for officials to be subject to impeachment? High crimes and misdemeanors? According to Vanity Fair contributor, T.A. Frank, perhaps we should add "offensive" to the reasons for impeachment. Frank is honest in admitting that so far the Trump-Russia collusion theory has turned into a big nothingburger.

Vanity Fair Hilariously Begs Media: Stop Hyping Chelsea Clinton!

April 22nd, 2017 9:19 AM
Hillary Clinton has just come off the most humiliating political defeat in the memory of most Americans. Despite the unrelenting hype for her candidacy and the absolutely certainty among the mainstream media that she would win the 2016 presidential election...she lost. Unfortunately the media seems unable to quit with the Clinton hype since now they are going overboard in promoting Chelsea…

NYTimes Sunday Mag: Cain 'Seems Like Someone Who...Has Never Opened a

November 14th, 2011 3:27 PM
A hostile New York Times Sunday Magazine profile of GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain by T.A. Frank compared his policy knowledge unfavorably to that of Britney Spears: “ say that Herman Cain has an imperfect grasp of policy would be unfair not only to George W. Bush in 1999 but also to Britney Spears in 1999. Herman Cain seems like someone who, quite frankly, has never opened a…