All the Worst: CNN Year in Review Attacks Dobbs Decision, Musk

December 30th, 2022 11:33 AM

A new year is fast approaching, which means everyone and their grandmother is producing their own year in review, including CNN, whose special All the Best All the Worst 2022 aired Wednesday night with a mixed panel of CNN contributors and comedians. But amidst the levity typical of these sorts of recaps, there were two topics that drew unanimous disapproval from the panel: the…


Sports Illustrated Writer Slams ‘White Male Conservative’ NFL Fans

May 25th, 2018 4:57 PM
Appearing on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports Friday afternoon to blast the NFL’s new policy against national anthem protests, Sports Illustrated writer Jonathan Jones slammed the League for calling on player’s to show respect during the patriotic ceremony and ranted that Commissioner Roger Goodell was just trying to appeal to “white male conservative” fans.

Matthews Blasts NFL's Anthem Move with Former 9/11 Truther, Ex-Player

May 24th, 2018 9:27 PM
Amid an absolutely insane Thursday night edition of Hardball, MSNBC host Chris Matthews repeatedly condemned the new NFL policy regarding protests of the Star-Spangled Banner and, during one such instance, he relied on help from former NFL player Donte Stallworth, who happens to be a former 9/11 truther.

TV Ratings Plummet as NFL Activism Increases

October 17th, 2017 9:39 PM
In a season best described as one of perpetual "fourth-and-long" for the NFL, the league and its broadcast partners today received more bad news about TV ratings and their ever-thinning pocket books. How the NFL is responding to its second successive season of protest-induced slump is an astounding decision to pursue even more fan-alienating social justice activism!

Don Lemon: Is NFL’s Sacking of Kaepernick ‘Really the American Way?’

August 8th, 2017 5:14 PM
Don Lemon, on Monday’s CNN Tonight, actually wondered if the NFL’s virtual sacking of National Anthem-protesting and pig cop sock-wearing Colin Kaepernick was “really the American way?” In the show’s open Lemon teased a segment on the former San Francisco 49er quarterback still not being on an NFL roster: “A star quarterback who led his team to the Super Bowl, now nobody seems to want Colin…

Lib Vs. Lib: Olbermann Destroys HuffPo for Hiring 9/11 Truther

September 5th, 2014 5:44 PM
What's a sign that a liberal media outlet has made a disastrous hire? Having fellow Keith Olbermann publicly lambaste you for doing so. The former MSNBC anchor, now on ESPN, assailed Huffington Post for hiring a 9/11 conspiracy theorist to cover national security. An outraged Olbermann quoted the tweets of former football player Donte Stallworth, including this one: "No way 9/11 was carried out…

Another 9/11 Truther Hired By the Mainstream Media: Donte Stallworth t

September 4th, 2014 4:20 PM
Liberal journalists are fond of assailing conservatives as a bunch of birthers and conspiracy kooks, but don't seem to have a problem with hiring individuals who embrace the belief that the United States government had something to do with the September 11th, 2001 terror attacks. Huffington Post editor Arianna Huffington announced on Wednesday that 9/11 truther Donte Stallworth has been hired…