Actress Mila Kunis is admitting she didn't know there was an "opposing side" to Planned Parenthood until pro-lifers made donations in her name. On July 30, Kunis spoke on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast. While news outlets foused on her opinion of President Trump, she also commented on Planned Parenthood. Although she admitted she was “impressed” by pro-lifers, she agreed they were “spiteful” – even though she didn’t know they existed until last year.

It’s almost that time of year. Christmas is a time where people put up trees, decorate their houses in some of the most eye-popping ways possible, build gingerbread houses, spend time with their families. Of course, for many, what they truly celebrate is what Peanuts comic character Linus pointed out in the classic special A Charlie Brown Christmas – celebrate the birth of Christ.

Actress Mila Kunis recently revealed her monthly donations to America’s largest abortion provider on Conan. But, just last year, she acknowledged her pregnancy as a “human inside.”

Today’s Hollywood laugh line comes from liberal celebrity Mila Kunis, via USA Today: “Some people don't like to hear celebrities talk about politics.I don't think I'm a celebrity. I'm a working actress. I think there's a difference.” Earth to Kunis: You’re on the cover of Esquire magazine as the "Sexiest Woman Alive" after doing a set of nudie shots (and video). That would make you a celebrity.

Kunis deeply loves Obama, as she declared earlier this year to Stylist magazine, insisting that people who identify themselves as Republican are "ill-informed." To Esquire, she’s slamming Republicans as too anti-woman and pro-Jesus:

What does Planned Parenthood have to do for a mention on the network news? The group provides services abhorred by much of the American population and it has been riddled with scandal recently. But according to the abortion group's latest figures, its intake of federal tax dollars up by more than a third, and that 90 percent of its government funding comes from federal money.

Sounds like a controversial story. Too bad ABC, CBS and NBC haven't been paying attention.

Mila Kunis, a Ukranian immigrant to the United States at age seven and star of 'That 70s Show' and 'Black Swan,' just proved herself to be a lot more patriotic than some of her American counterparts in Hollywood.

Sgt. Scott Moore of the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines in Musa Qala, Afghanistan, posted a video on YouTube last month asking Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina this fall, and word finally got around to Kunis, who gladly accepted his invitation.

It’s no secret that Hollywood and its ‘values’ are contributing mightily to the moral decay of American culture, and 2011 romantic comedies have been some of the raunchiest to date. But the stars of the summer 2011 sleazy hookup film “Friends with Benefits” have involved Facebook in promoting their flick.

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis star in “Friends with Benefits,” a movie that glorifies a casual and strictly sexual relationship among friends with no emotional strings attached. Kunis and Timberlake have taken to dramatically mocking Public Service Announcements by participating in a 60 second video asking viewers to “support a friends with benefits status option,” to appear alongside the traditional statuses of single, engaged, married, etc.


It's so ironic that in the very midst of the Anthony Weiner Twitter scandal, television's most shameless channel, MTV, is working overtime to make any notion of sexual restraint obsolete. This year's MTV Movie Awards aerobically established a new low.

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are starring in the upcoming summer comedy "Friends with Benefits," yet another movie exploring the "dream life" of casual and very cold sex. As they introduced the award for Best Male Performance, Timberlake and Kunis grabbed each other's private parts on national TV.