The in-studio audience during the 9:00 a.m. ET hour of NBC’s Today show on Tuesday did not find it funny when comedian Lewis Black compared Donald Trump’s presidency to having a “stroke.” After he made the joke, the hosts were clearly taken aback and only crickets could be heard from the audience.

On Wednesday night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, actor, comedian, and former Daily Show regular Lewis Black came on the show to discuss the 2016 election. Prompted by his liberal host to express his “message” to Trump supporters, Black bluntly said they were going to hell. “I'm saying this as a friend. If you vote for Donald Trump, you’re gonna go to hell,” Black stated frankly. After the audience laughed, Black added, “I know this, because God told me.”

Left-wing comic Lewis Black appeared on Monday’s The View to discuss the presidential race where he admitted his favor for Bernie Sanders because of his self-admitted socialism. Black’s answer won him applause and cheers from the crowd and the panel.

Tolerance is only expected from the left, never given. That was never more evident than on The Nightly Show March 24 where Ted Cruz and evangelicals were mocked for their faith.  

Host Larry Wilmore brought on liberal comedian Lewis Black, Actor and former member of the Obama Administration Kal Penn, pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson, and anchor for The Blaze TV, Amy Holmes, to discuss Ted Cruz’s run for President. The discussion began with Black blasting Cruz as a relic of the segregated past.

The Washington Post wants us to know that socialism is the Mainstream. Sunday’s Post Magazine toasts left-wing comedian Lewis Black: “We live in troubled times, he bellows to the packed house. You want proof? America’s reigning Angry Comic then delivers the koan of a kicker: Because I, Lewis Black, am now mainstream!” [Emphasis theirs.]

Many paragraphs later, reporter Michael Cavna threw in: “His satire spans the political spectrum. Black, a socialist and registered Independent, says he doesn’t believe either major party knows what it’s doing. ‘Socialism appeals to me,’ he tells me. ‘It’s like imposed Christianity. You’ve got to share.’”

Crusty comedian Lewis Black mocked Sarah Palin as a "fictional character" on CNN Wednesday, to an eruption of laughter from host Piers Morgan. "She's a fictional character that came to life. I'm serious. I think that someone wrote her," Black quipped.

Morgan played along with his act. "You couldn't invent someone like Sarah Palin, could you?" he asked the comedian, who hastily responded that Palin was "superfiction."

A well-intentioned President Obama tried to transcend partisanship in Washington, but his efforts were derailed by an "express train of bile" – according to CNN's Piers Morgan, on Wednesday.

And Americans need ObamaCare because "Baboons take care of themselves better than we do," ranted Morgan's sharp-spoken guest, comedian Lewis Black.

On Monday’s Joy Behar Show on HLN, host Behar and comedian Lewis Black berated right-leaning celebrity Kelsey Grammer for his involvement in promoting the new RightNetwork, with Behar lamenting, "Just what we need, more right-wing rhetoric." The HLN host soon portrayed Grammer as "the rich constantly bitching about taxes," and suggested that conservatives like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, whom she sarcastically referred to as "brain trusts," don’t "give a damn" about the poor:

JOY BEHAR: Well, they don`t seem to care about poor people. Do you think Sarah Palin gives a damn about poor people or that other bargain, Michele Bachmann? They don`t care, those two brain trusts.

LEWIS BLACK: No, they don`t care, and they act like they`re getting something. What the poor are getting at this point allows them to breathe. They act like they`re going to clubs, they`re having the time of their lives, there`s nothing better than poverty.

Below is a transcript of the relevant portion of the Monday, April 19, Joy Behar Show on HLN, with critical portions in bold:

Lewis Black is a stand-up comedian. His shtick is foam-flecked fits of rage and profanity. advertised one of his DVDs by promising "There's eye-crossing, teeth-gnashing, raspy-voiced yelling, and liberal use of the F-word." In his show at Washington’s Warner Theatre, Black complained the Kennedy Center refused their facilities on the grounds that he dropped F-bombs 42 times in his first hour-long HBO special.

I just stumbled across this from last Friday's (January 25) edition of ABC's "20/20," which devoted most of the show to Anger in America. From the entertainment world, they brought in angry liberal comedian Lewis Black. In between Black joking about how he loves to be angry, they plopped in clips from his stand-up routine that bowl them over at ABC:

For the Democrats not to be able to find somebody who could've defeated George Bush is beyond belief. It's stunning! It would be like finding a normal person who would lose in the Special Olympics.

This came right after anchor Elizabeth Vargas tried to note "You, in your act, take on both sides of the aisle. They both make you mad. Fair?"