Comedian Lewis Black: ‘Of Course I Like Bernie:’ ‘I’m a Socialist’

Left-wing, anti-Christian comic Lewis Black appeared on Monday’s The View to discuss the presidential race where he admitted his favor for Bernie Sanders because of his self-admitted socialism. Black’s answer won him applause and cheers from the crowd and the panel.

BEHAR: Do you like Bernie?

BLACK: Of course I like Bernie. Why do I like Bernie? Because I'm a socialist. [ Applause]

Black then joked that the audience shouldn’t applaud because socialism isn’t trendy or popular. “For those of you who are panicked about socialism, there are 12 in the country. So there’s nothing to worry about,” Black quipped.

The comedian then advised if Sanders wanted to win the nomination, he shouldn’t have advertised his socialism, which co-host Joy Behar disagreed with.

BLACK: The problem with Bernie is that if he really wanted to win, you don't say you’re a Socialist. Shhh.

BEHAR: But he was running -- he's always won the senatorial campaign as a Socialist in Vermont, so people know he's a Socialist.

BLACK: But deny, deny, deny, deny. You know. When you're found in bed with another woman, deny, deny, deny.

Co-host Paula Faris asked Black what Sanders should’ve labeled himself as instead.

BLACK: I can't use the word.

BEHAR:  He can't say he's a Democrat?


BEHAR:  So what is he going to say? He's a progressive?

BLACK:  No. He's running as a jackass. [laughter]

BLACK: Which is actually a nicer word than ‘Socialist’ at this point.

BEHAR: In this country, yes.

This isn’t the first time Black’s outspoken socialism has been applauded by the media.  In 2012, The Washington Post gave Black a toast for bringing socialism into “the mainstream.”

Black’s radical left politics made him the perfect guest for Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, on which he appeared a whopping 336 times. Black still makes frequent appearances on late night television shows and lends his voice to children’s television series and movies including the 2015 Pixar animated film, Inside Out.

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