Not even the fictional world is safe from the transgender trend. TVLand’s Lopez is one of the latest shows to bring up the ongoing fight for representing less than 1 percent of the population, but it may also be one of the few to take an honest look at how ridiculous it is for a change. 

Comedian George Lopez went on a vulgarity-laden rant during his HBO special Saturday night claiming presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney "ain't going to get" the Latino vote because he's "a f--king Latino and he won't admit it."

Lopez also had numerous f-bombs for Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio (video follows with transcript and commentary, serious vulgarity warning):

On Monday's "Fox and Friends," liberal comedian George Lopez all but threw the "Oreo" racial slur at Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain: "The Republicans do know that he's darker than Barack Obama...but whiter on the inside." Lopez also half-jokingly hinted that the Tea Party was racist after host Steve Doocy mentioned Cain had won a Tea Party straw poll: "He wasn't serving the tea, 'cause that's crazy" [audio available here].

Lopez poked fun of the Republican presidential field at the bottom of the 8 am Eastern hour of the Fox News Channel morning show, and began by making fat jokes at the expense of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who is rumored to be considering a presidential run: "Should he run, and should he jump in the pool? Not while I'm in there. Let me get out before he cannonballs everybody out of water."

[Video clip available below the jump]


Last year, Sarah Palin-hating comedian George Lopez said that if the former governor of Alaska ever became president, all Latinos would move back to Mexico.

On Tuesday's "Piers Morgan Tonight," he took this further saying that if Palin gets to the White House, he'll move to Canada (video follows with transcript and commentary):

It’s hard to tell what the end goal of HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher’s is with his constant barrage of elitist shots at the American public. Does he think demeaning the average citizens is the best way to win people over on whatever issue he is carping about on that given day?

On the Oct. 26 broadcast of TBS’s “Lopez Tonight,” Maher took a couple of cynical and contemptible jabs at the America people. After expressing his disappointment in the Obama administration for not agreeing to abide by the will of California voters should Proposition 19 pass and decriminalize marijuana, he explained it was the role of President Barack Obama’s party to steer the country in a particular direction, albeit in some very unflattering terms.

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On Thursday’s Lopez Tonight on TBS, during a segment featuring photographs of public figures wearing similar clothing called "Who Wore it Better?" comedian George Lopez cracked that Sarah Palin was "an evil egomaniac that might destroy the world" as an image of her was shown next to a picture of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. Guest and fashion guru Tim Gunn took part in the segment as the two poked fun at Palin’s outfit supposedly resembling that of the communist despot.

Lopez joked, "For people who don’t know, one is an evil egomaniac that might destroy the world, and the other one is Kim Jong Il," inspiring Gunn to respond, "I love you for that."

Below is a transcript of the relevant portion of the Thursday, September 16, Lopez Tonight on TBS:

In the past couple of weeks, comedian George Lopez has made two noteworthy jokes during the monologue of his Lopez Tonight show on TBS with the premise that conservatives are racist. On Wednesday’s show, as he brought up President Obama’s interview recorded earlier in the day on ABC’s The View, Lopez took a swipe at right-leaning co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck as he cracked that she had "instinctively grabbed her purse and hit the imaginary door locks on her couch" when she saw Obama coming.

And on the Monday, July 12, show, Lopez portrayed the people of Arizona as racist for supporting the state’s new immigration law, as he suggested that Arizona would welcome Mel Gibson-style racism. Lopez: "Let’s see. He don’t like people of color, he don’t like Mexicans, he don’t like minorities, where can he go? Orale, Arizona!"

After acting out Gibson’s part by declaring, "I hate blacks, I don’t like Mexicans," Lopez then pretended to be an Arizona resident welcoming Gibson into the state: "Right this way."

Catching up on an item from the Thursday, May 20, The View on ABC, comedian George Lopez appeared as a guest and made a few anti-Sarah Palin cracks as he joked with the group about the new immigration law in Arizona, asserting that if Palin were to become President, he and other Latinos would flee the country: "This is the answer to immigration, I'm going to tell you right now. This is how to get every Latino to go back to where they came from: Elect her President in 2012. ... We will leave voluntarily. We'll leave. We'll go voluntarily and take Canadians with us."

He soon joked about Palin fitting the "profile" of a Latina: "Sarah Palin needs to be careful because she fits the profile of a Latina. ... Her and her daughter have a kid the same age. ... She works and her husband don't. ... She talks a lot of smack and he don't say one word. That's very Latino. But he's a stay-at-home dad. Where I come from, if you're a stay-at-home dad, your ass is unemployed."

On Tuesday’s Lopez Tonight on TBS, magicians Penn and Teller appeared as guests, and, while discussing their controversial program "Bullshit!" on Showtime, and the show’s history of criticizing religion, Penn Jillette conceded a compliment to American Christians that they are "the most tolerant people worldwide." He also admitted that it was a "shock" to discover the relative tolerance of American Christians after the airing of the show from last August attacking the Catholic Church, as he compared reaction from Christians to that from other groups the show has attacked, such as 9/11 conspiracy theorists. Jillette:

Well, you know, we've done heavy stuff. I mean, we've done the Vatican. We've done Mother Teresa. We've done the Dalai Lama. We've done really, really heavy subjects. And I've got to say it was actually a shock doing the show, the religious communities in the United States of America are the most tolerant people worldwide. I mean, we did really aggressive stuff we believe strongly, and mostly got letters from Christians and Catholics saying we really like how passionately and clearly you put out your ideas. Very few nut cases.

But it could also be argued that Jillette’s account makes American Christians sound almost too accepting of the show’s criticism of Christianity and downplays the fact that there was legitimate criticism of the show and its accuracy.

Below is a transcript of the relevant portion of the Tuesday, May 25, Lopez Tonight on TBS:

George Lopez thinks if Sarah Palin becomes President in 2012, Latinos will all move back to Mexico.

So said the comedian on "Larry King Live" Tuesday night.

He also went after Fox News and Glenn Beck. 

Not surprisingly, this was all prompted by the host actually asking Lopez for his opinion about the former Alaska governor (video follows with transcript and commentary, h/t HotAirPundit):

Comedian George Lopez Tuesday called Sarah Palin "la cabrona" (b***h in Spanish) on his late night television show.

During the opening monologue of his TBS program, Lopez said, "I usually don't let politics upset me, but this is crazy. Sarah Palin, la cabrona."

He then went on a two and a half minute attack on the former Alaska governor that should make liberals in the media quite pleased (video embedded below the fold with partial transcript, h/t Big Hollywood):

After introducing Lopez on her CNN Headline News program last night, Behar played a clip of Lopez's HBO special in which he said, "There are a lot of politicians that would be Latinos and a lot now who are Latino. Sarah Palin, Latina. Believe me. She's got all the signs. She works and her husband don't."  

Later in the segment, after commenting about Palin's lack of experience, Lopez stated, "I mean, the concept of Todd Palin being a stay-at-home dad-listen Joy, when I was a kid, those guys were called bums."

"Uh-huh. They're still called bums," agreed Behar.