Dan Savage - you know, the anti-bullying advocate! - had what one could only call a predictable response to waking up Wednesday morning and reading in the New York Times that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Mn.) will not be seeking re-election next year.

He took to his computer and tweeted, "Good riddance to bats--t rubbish":

The New Republic has easily demonstrated just how ridiculous The Washington Post's book review of the new Dan Savage is to claim that  “reconciliation is at the heart of everything Savage writes and says.”

In "The Waning Power of Dan Savage," Daniel D'Addario dismisses the new book as "a very public act of self-love." Later, he explained "The nadir of American Savage comes when Savage prints a one-act play called 'Jesus and the Huge A--hole,' about religious objectors to Obamacare."  Jesus swears like a Savage:

Hate-filled leftist gay activist Dan Savage was at it again Saturday.

In response to former Alaska governor Sarah Palin using chewing tobacco as a stunt during her Friday address to the National Rifle Association convention, Savage tweeted, "Now seeing upside of oral cancers":

On Monday's All In show, MSNBC host Chris Hayes celebrated the coming out of gay NBA player Jason Collins as he tagged the development as a "real milestone," a "watershed moment," "something momentous," and "big, big news." He later hosted a panel that included liberal gay activist Dan Savage, known for trying to spread the flu to a GOP presidential candidate headquarters in 2000, and with aggressively trying to slander former Senator Rick Santorum for his criticism of homosexuality.

Hayes teased the show:

When liberals and their media allies have an agenda to push, they’ll use any tool at hand. The left often rails against the presence of religion in civic life, mocking conservative Christians as “Taliban” agitating for theocracy. But other times, they find faith to be a handy weapon to bludgeon conservatives. And they’ll go so far as to reinterpret and rewrite the Bible to justify any liberal cause, no matter how outrageous. 

In 2010, MSNBC anchor Melissa Harris-Perry summed up this strategy in her call for “re-imagining the Bible as a tool of progressive social change.” Huffington Post contributor Mike Lux embraced Harris-Perry’s advice, writing that the Bible embodies “all kinds” of “liberal, lefty, progressive values.”

Editor’s Note: This story includes language some may deem offensive.

Dan Savage is at it again. The foul-mouthed, bigoted host of MTV’s sex advice show “Savage U” and internationally syndicated columnist of “Savage Love” wrote this headline last Monday concerning the pope’s retirement:

“That Motherfucking Power-Hungry, Self-Aggrandized Bigot In the Stupid Fucking Hat Announces His Retirement.” No major media outlet reported that comment, including MSNBC and CNN where Savage has often appeared.

The sexual identity police on the Left can be very choosy about how sexual tendencies can be defined on the LGBT meter. Dan Savage’s latest column includes a letter with a man claiming “I am a 30-year-old straight man who has always known that he is a poly. The woman I love is not a poly,” he complained. She wants him to be monogamous and “betray his sexual identity,” or split.

“You are not ‘a poly,’” Savage insisted in reply:

Hate-filled leftist gay activist Dan Savage was at it again last Thursday.

In a presentation at Winona State University in Minnesota, Savage went on another vulgarity-laden tirade in front of students this time saying that "every dead gay kid is a victory for the Family Research Council" and that "Tony Perkins sits on a pile of dead gay kids every day when he goes to work" (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary, serious vulgarity warning):

He’s a guy that spews hate against Christians, Republicans, and even other gay people who think differently than he. He’s asserted that “monogamy is ridiculous” and “unnatural.” He’s remarked that the vagina is a “hole that sh**ts babies.”

And MTV thinks he’s the ideal person to teach adolescents about sex.

June is “Gay Pride Month,” which immediately begs two questions: Says who? and, How is it that we have become a nation of such compliant sheep that we accept this rubbish? 

The Viacom corporation, on the other hand, thinks it’s the perfect opportunity for its MTV and gay Logo channels to announce they’re creating a second "It Gets Better" anti-bullying special starring their favorite gay bully, Dan Savage. On the cusp of this news, Savage denounced the gay group GOProud for endorsing Mitt Romney for president: "The GOP’s house faggots grab their ankles on this one."

The blogosphere is abuzz today after anti-conservative bully and gay activist Dan Savage tweeted, “The GOP’s house faggots grab their ankles right on cue...Pathetic” in response to GOProud’s endorsement of Mitt Romney in the 2012 election. 

GOProud, which describes itself on its website as, “the voice of gay conservatives and their straight allies,” voted last night to endorse the presumptive Republican nominee in his bid against Obama in November. Lisa DePasquale, the interim Chair of the Board of Directors issued a statement to the press, saying that the organization is, “prepared to commit significant resources to help make Mitt Romney the next President of the United States.”

Part 2 of 2. Read Part 1 here.

Editor’s Note: Due to the nature of Dan Savage’s comments, there are some potentially offensive words included in this story.

Americans tempted to turn to Dan Savage’s Seattle sex-advice column shouldn’t waste time. No matter what the question or how perverted the urge, Savage will – using the crudest possible language leavened with rabid attacks on Christians, Catholics and traditional lifestyles – advise you to go ahead and indulge.

Savage’s book, “Savage Love,” collects his column of the same name. On page after page the author and gay rights advocate scoffed at monogamy and recommended and condoned a range of aberrant sexual activities. Savage enthused about bondage, shrugged at child molestation fantasies and incest, and even encouraged a reader to indulge in his fantasy to lie in an empty tub and have a woman defecate on him.