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Joseph Rossell is a staff writer for the Media Research Center's Business division. He received his Master's in International Commerce & Policy in July, 2014, from George Mason University's School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs. He received his Bachelor's in Economics in January 2012, also from George Mason University.

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Just before Labor Day, Wal-Mart taught a lesson in Economics 101. The consequences of Wal-Mart’s decision to raise employee wages are becoming apparent and even the wage-hike promoting liberal news media has had to report it.

Bloomberg Businessweek reported that Wal-Mart’s labor costs had soared by $1 billion after raising hourly wages to $9 in April and committing to additional training. In order to deal with those soaring costs, the company has had to cut employees’ hours.

Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana, destroying homes, businesses, and claiming more than 1,000 lives. The networks saw Katrina as a harbinger of climate doom.

Hurricane Katrina was the 7th-most intense Atlantic hurricane on record, the third-deadliest in US history, and the most expensive at roughly $108 billion (including economic impact,). That was more than twice as costly as Tropical Storm Sandy, which hit New York and New Jersey in 2012.

The Cold War is clearly over. In just a few decades, the media have dragged the U.S. from red, white and blue to just red. ABC, CBS and NBC have normalized the far-left views of socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders simply by refusing to say the word “socialism” -- ignoring it in 82 percent of stories.

Socialism, which used to be equated with “gulag,” bread lines and the deaths of tens of millions of innocent people, has become mainstream in the news media and an afterthought in their coverage.  

Given the liberal media’s push for a higher minimum wage, The Washington Post made a startling front-page admission on Aug. 17.

That Post story pointed out that raising the minimum wage to $15, as the “Fight for $15” activists have been calling for, “could speed arrival of robot-powered restaurants” and kill millions of jobs in the industry.

The Obama administration has managed cybersecurity so poorly, Secretary of State John Kerry has admitted to CBS that it is “very likely” the Russians and Chinese are reading his emails.

Kerry’s admission came after multiple hacks of U.S. government data including the largest data breach in American history, when hackers allegedly working for the Chinese government stole the detailed records of nearly 22 million people including former and current federal employees and nearly everyone who had ever applied for a security clearance. That hack happened in 2014, but was widely reported in July 2015 after months of agency investigation.

To avoid embarrassment, beware of your surroundings when taking selfies.

The people who run the tumblog Seattlish snapped a selfie with sex columnist and gay activist Dan Savage at a Seattle politician’s campaign event and posted the photo to Twitter on Aug. 4. The problem? A campaign poster hanging directly behind the group said, “Tax the Rich.” Ironic, considering Celebrity Net Worth estimates Savage’s net worth is $3 million.

Lefty billionaires Warren Buffett and George Soros, who have used their fortunes to influence the media, could learn from the example of the late media mogul Roy H. Park Sr.

In the 2015 revised edition of Sons in the Shadow, Roy H. Park Jr. described how his father founded Park Communications and built his nearly $1-billion fortune. His company owned “seven TV stations, 21 radio stations and 144 newspaper publications in 24 states” when he passed away in 1993, but the younger Park says his father steered clear of allowing his political opinions to influence the content these outlets produced.

Park Communications founder steered clear of interfering in ‘editorial viewpoints and content’ of media investments.

Critics say claim has ‘zero credibility,’ but CBS, NBC, MSNBC, other media call it a ‘bombshell’ from a ‘top climate scientist.’

Climate alarmist James Hansen recently dropped a “bombshell” study about rising seas, at least according to the media hyping his claims.

The former NASA lead climate scientist claimed sea levels could rise 10 feet in 50 years, which is far more than even the alarmist forecasts of the United Nations. Hansen and 16 co-authors published the study on July 23 in the open-source journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. It has not been peer-reviewed.

Artist supported lefty crusaders for equality, including, President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Prominent scientists say genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are vital to feeding the world and solving undernourishment, but the broadcast networks were more focused on unproven claims about their “potential health risk.”

GMOs are back in the news since Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan., proposed legislation “that keeps states from regulating food with genetically modified ingredients,” The Hill reported June 15.

ABC, CBS and NBC downplay GMO positives, frequently focus on controversy and critics.

Lefty paper pushes misleading statistics to promote wind power.

Proponents of renewable energy will grab on to any sign of success.

That’s precisely what The Guardian (UK) did on July 10, when it ran a misleading headline claiming, “Wind power generates 140% of Denmark's electricity demand.” The idea presented by the headline, was far from accurate, but the hype was no surprise. The Guardian long ago abandoned objectivity on energy issues in favor of climate alarmism and activism. It actively opposes fossil fuels use with the ongoing #KeepItInTheGround campaign.

Left-wing editor attacks congressman after he promotes ‘opposing viewpoints’ on global warming.

Being out of lockstep with climate alarmism infuriates the left, including liberal online magazine editors like Salon Deputy Editor Peter Finocchiaro.

Finocchiaro lashed out at Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, on July 10, with at least eight nasty names or adjectives including "goon," "loony," "buffoonish" and "marble-mouthed" because Gohmert had the audacity to say that Pope Francis had been taken in by global warming alarmists.

Squawk Box co-host Joe Kernen slams decision to raise menu prices as cost of coffee falls.

Coffee prices are falling, but liberal Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has decided to raise its prices anyway. CNBC’s Squawk Box co-host Joe Kernen called Schultz out on July 7, saying Schultz was trying “to pad his profits.”

Kernen argued it was unfair to criticize airlines for failing to pass savings along to consumers when oil prices fell, but not criticize Starbucks for raising its prices even as the cost of coffee dropped.

Keeping people poor and unable to buy new cars, new homes or much of anything sure is nifty for the environment.

The New York Times sure thinks so. The Grey Lady (new name, the Green Lady) warned of an environmental “tsunami” approaching Cuba as relations normalize with the United States. In a tweet July 1, NYT Science claimed that the “embargo and socialism helped protect Cuba's environment,” but that this was about to change.