As they’ve done so often with The New York Times and New York Daily News, the liberal media faithfully bowed in awe of another left-wing front-page editorial as Thursday’s Boston Globe demanded gun control in the aftermath of the Orlando terror attack. Both CBS This Morning and NBC’s Today graciously displayed the cover at the top of their programs while fawning over the Senate Democrats filibuster instructing Republicans capitulate to them to do something and everything on gun control.

MSNBC anchor Peter Alexander on Monday didn’t bother challenging an assertion by a Democratic Representative that Congress is “endorsing” “mass murder” with a failure to pursue gun control. Talking to Senator Chris Murphy, Alexander began by pushing the politician from the left: “Do you think that President Obama could do more?” 

Friday's CNN Newsroom showed a classic liberal media double standard as a GOP guest was hit from the left substantially more on the gun issue as compared to a later Democratic guest who was just barely hit from the right. In the aftermath of Connecticut Democratic Senator Chris Murphy's recent incendiary claim that congressional members -- referring mostly to Republicans -- who have opposed enacting more gun laws have "complicity" and are "sending a message of quiet endorsement of these murders," CNN host Poppy Harlow hit former Virginia Republican Governor Jim Gilmore almost entirely from the left.