The Eddie Mush of politics, Bob Shrum, has written an article in the October 19 America magazine attempting to explain how Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election. Among the big reasons Shrum cites was overconfidence to the extent that the Hillary campaign declined to even poll the battleground states in the final weeks of the election.

With the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci on July 21 as White House Communications Director, this is a good time to take a walk down memory lane with him to exactly two weeks before the November election when he was subjected to a searing attack by always wrong political consultant Bob Shrum on Bloomberg's With All Due Respect. Starting at the 3:50 mark of the following video, Scaramucci commits a Thought Crime by daring to suggest that "Trump Shaming" might be skewing the polls against him. Shrum responds by shaming Scaramucci as "idiotic" for daring to make such a suggestion.


You did it, Bob Shrum! Your perfect track record now extends to 0 for 9 in presidential candidate victories due to your powerful "Shrum Curse." 

Your humble correspondent was the first to note how the Shrum Curse doomed Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign the moment he declared certain victory for her on September 2. Here is a gloating Shrum spiking the football and declaring the election basically over that day on With All Due Respect in a video posted by Bloomberg Politics titled "Bob Shrum Says Labor Day Is the End of the Election":

Don't be so modest, Bob. You have an amazing power. Any presidential candidate who you either work for directly or declare to have won before Election Day is doomed to fail. That power that you are so reluctant to brag about is known far and wide within political circles as the "Shrum Curse." We saw the latest demonstration by Bob Shrum of that power on With All Due Respect on September 2 as chronicled by your humble correspondent who anticipated its effects in this Newsbusters article, WADR: Will Shrum Curse Doom Hillary's Campaign?

This election is over! You got that? Hillary Clinton has already won. 

Only one not so little problem. The one making this declaration is none other than the Eddie Mush of politics aka Bob Shrum. This time, the extremely unlucky political consultant (0 for 8 in presidential candidate wins) who infamous for possessing the "Shrum curse" might have cast a pall of misfortune upon the Hillary Clinton campaign with his gloatingly confident prognostication of certain victory for her. In fact, she has pretty much already won according to Shrum who was jubilantly performing an end zone victory dance while speaking to John Heilemann today on Bloomberg's With All Due Respect.

Longtime Democrat strategist Bob Shrum's churlish advice for Senate candidate Liz Cheney -- how dare you act like a Kennedy.

Yet more mush from Shrum, this time about Cheney announcing that she's challenging incumbent Republican Mike Enzi in Wyoming. Cheney has taken her share of flak over this in the last week and here it crosses the line to laughable. (Audio after the jump)

Leave it to Ed Schultz to conjure up the most deranged spin yet in response to the Internal Revenue Service admitting to undue scrutiny of tea party groups.

While many liberals have been critical of the Obama administration in the wake of the hardly surprising revelation, Schultz on his radio show yesterday was full-throated in his defense of the IRS -- even to the point of making the absurd claim that it showed how conservatives should support President Obama's plan to "simplify" the tax code. (Audio clips after page break)

The Washington Post tiptoed gently on Friday around Joe Biden’s hopes of being elected president in 2016. “For Biden, dreams vs. realities” is the story’s headline, but at the very top of Page One, it says “At the top of his political game, the vice president shines as Obama’s personable No. 2. But events may conspire against a 2016 promotion.”

Post reporter Philip Rucker rather comically took 30 paragraphs to establish one series of “events” that threaten Biden are gaffes. The front page says Biden is a “long shot at best,” but insists he’s seen as “genuine, down-to-earth, rock solid on the issues" and “clearly has the experience and gravitas to ascend to the presidency.”

Loyalty is one thing, delusion another.

Former Kennedy speechwriter and campaign operative Bob Shrum outdid himself on Ed Schultz's radio show Wednesday, gushing about Ted Kennedy and the maudlin video tribute to him at the Democratic convention. (audio) --

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, Emerson warned. Is it too much to expect in the same sentence?

Appearing on Ed Schultz's radio show Wednesday to weigh in on the allegations against Herman Cain, veteran Democratic strategist Bob Shrum had this to say (audio) --

Be kind to Bob Shrum. Perhaps the 68-year old is suffering from the not-so-early-onset of some dread memory-loss syndrome.  

How else to explain his suggestion on Al Sharpton's MSNBC show this evening that the National Restaurant Association's settlement for a relatively modest sum, in today's litigious world, proves that Herman Cain must have done something wrong?  Does the failed presidential campaign consultant's support of Bill Clinton, despite his much larger, $850,000 settlement with Paula Jones while "adamantly denying" her claims, fire any synapses in Shrum's cerebrum? Video after the jump.

The solution to our raging unemployment rate is so simple, I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it before.   Luckily, Chris Matthews did.  The government simply needs to spend more money!  Because, as "everyone knows, as we studied in school," government spending creates jobs!

Matthews, just as wacky on the weekend Hardball as he is in his Mon.-Fri. version, went on a two-segment rant this morning, pleading for higher government spending on the theory that government can put people back to work across the country.

First Jim Cramer and then Bob Shrum were only too happy to agree.  The supposedly capitalist Cramer went so far as to suggest that government, and not small business, is the engine that drives the economy.

Matthews closed by claiming that the private sector isn't working to create jobs, and thus government must do so, darkly warning that otherwise "you're going to have an unstable society."

View video after the jump.