Shrum's Paula Jones Memory Loss: If Cain Didn't Do Anything, 'Why In The World Did They Pay?'

Be kind to Bob Shrum. Perhaps the 68-year old is suffering from the not-so-early-onset of some dread memory-loss syndrome.  

How else to explain his suggestion on Al Sharpton's MSNBC show this evening that the National Restaurant Association's settlement for a relatively modest sum, in today's litigious world, proves that Herman Cain must have done something wrong?  Does the failed presidential campaign consultant's support of Bill Clinton, despite his much larger, $850,000 settlement with Paula Jones while "adamantly denying" her claims, fire any synapses in Shrum's cerebrum? Video after the jump.

Consider Shrum's sad memory lapse. And remember that the reported five-figure settlements by the National Restaurant Association represent  no more than a long-week's work for a team of big-time defense attorneys.

BOB SHRUM: I think the only way through this is for a release of those records from the National Restaurant Association. You can redact the women's names.  But what was he alleged to have done? What did the investigation show?  And if he didn't do anything, why in the world did they pay tens of thousands of dollars to these women?  

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