No bones about it, this Fox crime show is racking up the cameos, with two big guest stars in the lastest episode, “The Carpals in the Coy-Wolves.” 

The first guest appearance on Bones was actress Betty White, ninety-three years young and still a popular television favorite, who played a forensic anthropologist named Betty Meyer. 

During the Today's Professionals panel segment on Wednesday's NBC Today, fill-in co-host Tamron Hall promoted an online petition to get 90-year-old actress Betty White to appear at the Democratic National Convention, noting that the creator of the petition, "is concerned that Clint Eastwood gave elderly people a bad name with what he did" at the Republican convention.

Advertising executive Donny Deutsch declared that "Republicans still have egg on their face from the Clint Eastwood thing" and urged the Democrats not to do it. NBC medical editor Nancy Snyderman added: "I would not counter something that didn't go well." Attorney Star Jones rounded out the discussion by calling on Democrats to "Let the stench stay over there," meaning on the Republican side.

Shortly before the close of her Jansing & Co. program today, MSNBC morning anchor Chris Jansing informed viewers of 90-year-old comedienne Betty White's visit and photo-op with President Obama in the Oval Office on Monday.

Jansing made it sound as though White's visit was a simple apolitical courtesy call before the nonagenarian actress gave a speech at the Smithsonian, and it may well have been just that, but Jansing failed to note that White endorsed Obama last month and that campaign donation records show she gave the president's reelection campaign $900 in April. White -- who called Sarah Palin "one crazy bitch" in 2008 -- also donated $700 to the Democratic National Committee in 2007.

The legendary actress Betty White appeared on CBS’s Late Show Wednesday, and as always regaled the crowd with her classic wit and charm.

After commenting about her busy schedule – “I’m a major rock star!” – White told host David Letterman her favorite alcoholic drink is Grey Goose – “Because I’m an animal lover” (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

CNN’s Piers Morgan had an absolutely charming interview with the recently turned 90-year-old actress Betty White.

After some humorous flirting between the two, Morgan called her “the ultimate cougar” (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

During an interview on Wednesday’s Larry King Live on CNN, actress Betty White recounted a controversial joke from October 2008 when she called Sarah Palin a "crazy b****" during an appearance on CBS's Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson as she pretended to be then-presidential candidate John McCain’s speechwriter for a skit. Her recitation of the line inspired laughter from host King, as he praised the actress as having "good delivery." White also informed King that the line had been written by Ferguson or his writers as it was part of a pre-planned sketch.

Below is a transcript of the relevant portion of the Wednesday, March 17, Larry King Live on CNN, followed by a transcript of the relevant clip of the Late Late Show on CBS from October 2008: