CNN’s Piers Morgan Calls 90-Year-Old Betty White ‘The Ultimate Cougar’

CNN’s Piers Morgan had an absolutely charming interview with the recently turned 90-year-old actress Betty White.

After some humorous flirting between the two, Morgan called her “the ultimate cougar” (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

The interview began with a famous clip from the Mary Tyler Moore Show when Betty White was kissing the fingers of Ed Asner.

When the clip ended, Morgan introduced his guest, and commented that she looked more like 30 than 90.

He then lamented that it had taken him fifteen months to get her on his program, and that to pay him back for keeping him waiting so long she should kiss his fingers like she did Ed Asner years ago.

White sexily complied leaving Morgan to comment, “Oh, my God, this is the most erotic thing that's ever happened to me.”

White replied, “You poor baby.”

“My wife's last words to me tonight before I came down here were, ‘Watch yourself with Betty White,'” Morgan confessed. “She said she's the ultimate cougar.”

“I am,” admitted White. “In my own head, not any place else, but in my head I’m the ultimate cougar.”

And still funny as ever at 90.

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