Betty White’s Favorite Drink: ‘Grey Goose - Because I’m An Animal Lover’

The legendary actress Betty White appeared on CBS’s Late Show Wednesday, and as always regaled the crowd with her classic wit and charm.

After commenting about her busy schedule – “I’m a major rock star!” – White told host David Letterman her favorite alcoholic drink is Grey Goose – “Because I’m an animal lover” (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

Early in the interview, Letterman brought up how close White is with former co-star Mary Tyler Moore.

White mentioned how she and Moore always see each other when she visits New York, but that this time her schedule was just too hectic.

“I’m a major rock star,” she joked. “We all have to bear the burden.”

Later on, Letterman asked, “Do you drink? Do you ever have a shot, a little taste, throw something back?”

White replied, “Oh, certainly.”

“What is your drink of preference?” Letterman asked.

“Grey Goose,” White said, “because I'm an animal lover.”

After some laughter, Letterman quipped, “Makes perfect sense. The vodka made from geese.”

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