As NewsBusters reported Monday, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, on the MSNBC program bearing her name, aired a video of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney selectively edited in a fashion designed to make him look like an out of touch imbecile.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh excoriated those involved with the airing of this video Tuesday going so far as calling NBC News “an annex of the Democrat National Committee” (videos follow courtesy Right Scoop with rough transcripts via and commentary):

One of Jon Stewart's favorite targets these days is GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, whom the Comedy Central host has called a “multi, multi,multi, multi-millionaire” while carefully avoiding the fact that he too is considered to be very wealthy.

Perhaps Stewart's harshest criticism of the former Massachusetts governor came on January 24 when he asked:

Apparently MSNBC's Thomas Roberts doesn't seem to get the importance of knowing the partisan breakdown of a poll's respondents to assessing that polls reliability. In the midst of a segment centered around President Obama's quasi-amnesty-by-fiat policy announced last week, token conservative panelist J.P. Freire poured cold water on a new Bloomberg poll that shows 64 percent of Americans agreeing with the president's announced halt on deportations. Freire observed that the poll doesn't break down how many Democrats and Republicans were sampled and that it is contradicted by other polls.

But for his part, Roberts seemed to believe that because the poll didn't get into the partisan allegiances of its respondents, it was evidence that the respondents were largely independent and hence a good sign for Obama's reelection in November. Roberts then hypocritically chided Freire for spouting unwarranted "assumptions" on his program.

Move over, Obama Boy -- you've got serious competition from Geraldo Rivera.

Talking with GOP Rep. Allen West on his WABC radio show yesterday, Rivera made a fawningly inane analogy to describe Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro's unmitigated gall in attempting to ask questions at a presidential news conference (audio) --

For such a historic figure, Barack Obama sure doesn't have much influence on the world. That's the theme of reporter Peter Baker's front-page "news analysis" for Monday's New York Times, portraying the president as a passive victim of world events spinning unluckily out of his control: "Obama's Focus on Re-election Faces World of Complications."

For Barack Obama, a president who set out to restore good relations with the world in his first term, the world does not seem to be cooperating all that much with his bid to win a second.

With each passing day, the Obama-loving media stoop to new lows in attacking the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and his family.

On MSNBC's The Last Word Monday, host Lawrence O'Donnell mocked Ann Romney for having the nerve to combat her multiple sclerosis by riding horses (video follows with transcript and commentary):

NewsBusters reported Saturday that ABC's former White House correspondent Sam Donaldson said a lot of conservatives oppose Barack Obama simply because he's black.

On Fox News's O'Reilly Factor Monday, political commentator Bernie Goldberg thoroughly debunked Donaldson's claim with an inconvenient truth liberal media members dishonestly ignore: people on the Right "would love" a conservative black president. "They'd love him" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter got huffy in a Friday  blog post on behalf of his fellow liberal journalists, who took to Twitter en masse, aghast at the audacity of a reporter from a conservative news site interrupting President Obama's Rose Garden speech outlining his controversial new immigration policy (a version of Stelter's story also made it into print on Saturday).

The Times was kinder to an Iraqi journalist who hurled a shoe at President Bush during a December 2008 press conference in Baghdad, emphasizing his "defiant act" and "hero status" in Iraq.

As disturbing as was President Obama's lawless usurpation of constitutional authority in circumventing the DREAM Act to grant backdoor amnesty, this type of overreach is nothing new for him.

He has frequently complained about how democracy and the Constitution are "messy" and do not permit him to exercise the authority of a Chinese president. But he nevertheless warned us that he would be pushing forward with his agenda through executive orders and administrative actions "on a wide range of fronts."

On Sunday's Melissa Harris-Perry show on MSNBC, as host Harris-Perry led a discussion of what the presidential candidates will need to do to appeal to white voters, panel member and CNBC contributor Keith Boykin asserted that Republicans have "carefully caricatured" the Democratic Party as the "party of black people," and suggested that Americans have been duped into believing that most federal tax dollars are spent to benefit black Americans. Boykin:

Liberal Fox News political commentator Bob Beckel had a heated exchange with Daily Caller editor Tucker Carlson on Hannity Monday evening.

With the topic Neil Munro's interruption of President Obama Friday, Beckel said, "The idea that they gave the Daily Caller a White House pass is the craziest idea I've ever heard" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

MSNBC's Chris Matthews is clearly scared to death Barack Obama won't be reelected in November.

On Monday's Hardball, the host upped the attacks on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney ending his program with a hate-filled monologue about how the former governor of Massachusetts is a "dangerous," unthinking puppet controlled by neo-cons, the religious right, and Grover Norquist (video follows with transcript and commentary):