Bozell On FNC: N.Y. Times Pushing A 'Far-Left-Wing Agenda'

MRC President Brent Bozell appeared on FNC's "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday morning to address the "breathtaking arrogance" of the New York Times deciding what national-security secrets should be divulged. Brent loved John Snow's letter noting that arrogance, and suggested that the Times didn't show a "left-wing agenda" on this story, but a "far-left-wing agenda." See our posted video and handy Times Watch links here. Here's a transcript:

Co-host E.D. Hill: “Our next guest says the New York Times is guilty of treason. Treason, for publishing that piece on that secret government program that tracks terrorist finances.”

Co-host Steve Doocy: “With us right now from D.C. is Brent Bozell, President of the Media Research Center. Good morning to you, Brent.”

MRC President Brent Bozell: “Good morning. How are you?”

Doocy: “Fine, thanks. You say the New York Times is deliberately pushing a left wing agenda.”

Bozell: “Well, I’m wrong. I should clarify it. It's pushing a hard left-wing agenda, a far left-wing agenda. Look, there are responsible left-wingers, just like there are responsible right- wingers, but this goes far beyond the pale of responsibility. Folks, we're in a war. This is akin to divulging military secrets at a time of war. The left doesn't do this type of stuff. The far left does, and that's what the New York Times has joined.”

Hill: “Here's what I find interesting. You know, the publisher of the New York Times argues, I let these reporters print this, you know, article because it was in the public interest. Even though there is no allegation of wrongdoing, even though Democrats and Republicans were, were briefed on it, even though Swift says they're following all the laws. You know, there's no allegations of anything, in essence, newsworthy, but he says it's in the public interest, so does that mean there is any line that the New York Times would ever see, uh, not crossing?”

Bozell: “Well, that's the point. If you're going to use that excuse, then you can publish anything. Look, it's not in the public interest to know what the United States government is doing behind the scenes to stop these terrorists, if it has to work behind the scenes. The public isn't clamoring know. I don't want to know. If they have to remain, if it has to remain a secret, then we keep it a secret. If there's an oversight process, you engage the oversight process. All that was in place. No one is questioning that, but the, you know, I love the words of Secretary John Snow: Breathtaking arrogance. That's exactly what this was.”

Doocy: “Well, he’s not the only one who asked him not to out the program. Also you had Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton, they both did. And John Murtha. John Negroponte. Apparently there was a parade of people in the offices of the bureau of the New York Times and the front offices as well. And then Tony Snow yesterday had this amazing, uh, quote which sums it up: ‘Does the public right to know in some cases might override somebody's right to live?’”

Bozell: “That's precisely what it is. Again, the New York Times needs to be reminded. I think they forgot on September 11th, 2001, something really awful happened right down the street from the newspaper and since then the United States has been engaged in a global war against these damn terrorists, and the last thing we need is the New York Times aiding and abetting the terrorist movement. And that's exactly what they're doing by divulging the secrets.”

Hill: “But, you know, when the New York Times publishes something that’s supposed to be secret, they win awards for it. So Bill Keller comes -- they do -- Bill Keller comes out and says there's no animus against the administration. What is it? Are they, are they publishing this because there is animus against this administration or are they publishing it simply because people are going to buy their paper, they’ve been losing circulation, and they’re going to make some money?”

Bozell: “You know, it’s even worse then that. It’s all those things, E.D., but then when they are called on the carpet, then they lie. Bill Keller stated yesterday that the administration's objection was, quote unquote, 'halfhearted.' Well, now we've seen, as Steve just pointed out, the parade of people who tried and begged and pleaded with the New York Times. Members of Congress from both houses, members of the administration, the 9/11 Commission, top senior officials, top policy strategists, all of them begging the New York Times, 'Don't divulge the secret,' and they did it anyway and then they lied."

Doocy: “All right, Brent Bozell, the President of the Media Research Center. Their website is Brent, thank you very much.”

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