WashPost Promotes Dan Savage Porn Fest As a 'Top Stop' In DC

The Washington Post' s free tabloid Express put Dan Savage in its "top stops" feature -- "The best things to do this weekend." He's touring with his annual festival of amateur pornography.

"If you're shy, you may want to avoid this touring version of the Pacific Northwest's Hump! Film Festival. Curated by 'Savage Love' columnist Dan Savage, Hump! is a 90-minute showcase of short, often pornographic films that celebrate all types of human sexuality," it promised. It's showing at the trendy-left Woolly Mammoth Theater in DC. What's exactly "all types" of sexuality? Here are some of the offerings from Savage's Humptour.com website:

D&D ORGY  Roll for experience as the dungeon master's fantasy game gets extremely real.

E.T. 2: DARK TERRITORY E.T. has returned, and E.T. is MORE than his "Best Friend"!...Wink!

GO AHEAD, PEE!  Don't you hate it when you're jumping on your trampoline in your unitard and you really have to take a piss?

GO FUCK YOURSELF  One man time travels to save the world and fuck himself. Then things get complicated.

HOT N SAUCY PIZZA BOY A crusty cliché premise—gasp! A hot pizza delivery boy!—dishes up some surprisingly hot gay sex.

KRUTCH Proving to the world that people with disabilities have genitalia that work just fine.

LAUREN LIKES CANDY Perhaps the tamest of the hardcore entries in HUMP!, Lauren Likes Candy is a delightfully romantic romp. Two women spend a tender evening together—an evening that takes a surprisingly sensual turn. You'll never look at a chain-link fence the same way again.

MYTHICAL PROPORTIONS This mockumentary details the taboo love of humans and centaurs, as enacted by some butt-ugly puppets.

PIE SLUTS  In the world of fetishes-I-don't-understand-but-are-entertaining-to-watch, getting a pie in the face is right at the top.

The “sex-positive” journalists get into Lecture Mode after attending. Take this woman from The Badger Herald, a college newspaper at the University of Wisconsin: "So Badgers, my final word on the HUMP! Tour and Festival is that if you have a chance to see this and spend the time in the company of other sex-positive individuals, take it. I think this event is an important step toward a society that celebrates sexual expression rather than shames it."

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