'Disgusted' Deutsch Hits Huma As 'Opportunist'

Was this a case of Donny Deutsch expressing sincere sentiments—or wanting Weiner out of the way to help Hillary?

Whatever the explanation, the ad man unleashed on Huma Abedin on today's Morning Joe, saying he was "disgusted" by the spectacle of her press conference, accusing Abedin of being an "opportunist" who wants to be First Lady of New York.  A much more understanding Mika Brzezinski said that Abedin's performance was "amazing,"  "extraordinary" and "really brave." Video after the jump.

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Note: embedded video is of entire Weiner segment on today's Morning Joe.  Deutsch's comments come at 5:50.


DONNY DEUTSCH: Let's talk about the Huma brand. I mean, she obviously is completely loved across the board and has a bright future.  I think every day she stays with Weiner, or stays in this race with him, she distances herself from Hillary Clinton, but I think more importantly, she distances herself from the voting public.  I know I, felt when she stood up there--I know Mika you thought she was amazing, wonderful--I reacted the other way. I, to me, saw an opportunist, I saw someone who was disingenuine [sic] there. Not somebody standing by her man. I saw somebody standing by her political wish to be the First Lady of New York. And I don't think women or men look at that as brave.  I think they are kind of disgusted by the whole thing.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI:   I thought it was amazing, I thought it was extraordinary. Wonderful is not a word I would use.

DEUTSCH: What was amazing about it?

BRZEZINSKI: The whole thing was painful.

DEUTSCH: Did you respect her for that? I mean, once again --

BRZEZINSKI: I thought she was really brave. And I don't think it's my place to say whether she deserves respect or judgment.

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