Leno: 'Greatest Challenge for Any Actor in Hollywood - Pretending To Be a Republican'

On Sunday, Daniel Day-Lewis won a Golden Globe for playing the part of Abraham Lincoln in the film "Lincoln," and Julianne Moore won for her portrayal of Sarah Palin in HBO's schlockudrama "Game Change."

On NBC's Tonight Show Monday, host Jay Leno quipped, "The foreign press realize that the greatest challenge for any actor in Hollywood - pretending to be a Republican. That is the hardest acting job that they can do" (video follows with commentary):

Although I like the joke, I must humbly disagree with Leno.

It's fairly clear that the hardest job an actor in Hollywood has is being gracious and magnanimous in victory.

As NewsBusters reported Monday, "Game Change" Golden Globe winners Jay Roach and Moore felt it was necessary to take cheap shots at Palin during their respective acceptance speeches.

Apparently, humility and grace aren't a valued commodity in Hollywood.

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