Deutsch's Health Care Prescription: 'Redistribute Income, Outlaw Tobacco'

In the grand scheme of things, Donny Deutsch's radical prescription for health care might not count for much.  Just a former-ad-man-turned-pundit spouting off.  But let's consider.  Deutsch is well-off and presumably harbors no electoral ambitions.  He is free to say whatever's on his mind.  And he is immersed in the liberal media-political culture.  Is Deutsch giving voice to the radicalism that Obama/Pelosi/Waxman harbor but dare not fully express?

Appearing on Morning Joe today, Deutsch offered a two-part plan for health care:

  1. Make the rich pay for it: "I'm an extremist. I'm for redistribution of wealth."
  2. "Outlaw tobacco."

DONNY DEUTSCH: I'm an extremist. I'm for redistribution of wealth. And basically there's no reason why people making over a million bucks a year can't pay nine-thousand bucks a year in extra taxes to save lives.

And a bit later . . .

DEUTSCH: The real hard answer is outlaw cigarettes and save $100 billion a year and that pays for health care.

That predictably appealed to Mika Brzezinski, a Big Mommy government fan who'd like to confiscate everything from coffin nails to curly fries.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: There you go: that's my answer.

DEUTSCH: You want the real hard answer? We still sell a product that we kill ourselves with.

BRZEZINSKI: Thank you.

DEUTSCH: Outlaw tobacco tomorrow, you solve the health care problem.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Actually, you don't solve the health care problem.

DEUTSCH: You pay for it. $100 billion--that's what cigarettes cost in health care.

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