Time's Jay Carney Bemused by Plame CIA Lawsuit

Valerie Plame Wilson claims her life was ruined, her career ended, and national security possibly compromised because her CIA employ was made public, but of course she now wants to cash in with a memoir.

The CIA, for good reason, wants to make sure nothing that compromises national security gets published, and now Plame is literally making a federal case out of that, suing over CIA objections that her dates of employ are and should remain classified.

Another layer of hypocrisy at its finest, but the icing on the cake is the recent allegation that Plame perjured herself in congressional testimony.

Fortunately for her, Time's Jay Carney didn't notice in this oh-shucks post to "Swampland" today.:

I was wondering what Valerie Plame was doing in New York yesterday when
I saw her across the lobby of my hotel. Turns out she was here to file
suit in federal court against the CIA,
which has blocked the
publication of her memoir. It's always amazing how Washington scandals

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