Post Ad Promotes Democratic 'Diversity' vs. All-White Guy Republicans

It's Nitpicking Tuesday. In the Washington Post Style section, the weekday ad for the "Live Online" chats at caught my eye. Today's 1 pm session with a black Post columnist is promoted with this language:

Opinion: Columnist Eugene Robinson discusses the diversity of the Democratic presidential candidates -- and the Country Club look of the first GOP debate.

Is that their best way to say "all white, all male"? As if the Post found any "diversity" worth mentioning when the candidates were female (Elizabeth Dole) or minorities (Alan Keyes)?

UPDATE: It turns out the loaded promotional language comes from Eugene's loaded column.

UPDATE 2: On his chat, Robinson was pressed on his lingo, and he replied:

For the record, I didn't say "all white, all male," although that's what I meant. I would expect all the members of the Congressional Black Caucus to be black. The Republican Party has gone to great lengths to convince the nation that it's not effectively a white caucus. The image of those ten candidates didn't help that effort.

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