Time and Time Again: No Left Turns?

One of the most ridiculous suggestions among Time magazine’s “51 Things You Can Do to Make a Difference" to save the planet from global warming was the idea of making only right turns. No, that doesn’t presage some political shift for the publication. Right turns, in this case, referred to traffic.

ABC seized on this concept on April 3, detailing United Parcel Service's company policy of avoiding left turns.

But neither Time nor ABC "World News with Charles Gibson" explained that this practice might not be as good for ordinary drivers as it is for the UPS fleet with computer-programmed delivery, mapping software and GPS.

But if you can't do as Time magazine insists and make only right turns, what is another option? Number #14 "Ride the bus" which the magazine claims people actually want to do. "The U.S. is ready to change. We're just waiting for the bus," wrote Time. But by "we" they mean "you."

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