Couric Sings Hosannas Following Gore's 'Triumphant' Return to Capitol Hill

Perhaps channeling her youthful experience as a cheerleader, CBS's Katie Couric pumped her rhetorical pom poms for Al Gore in a "Couric & Co." blog today.

Below you can see how she lauded his "triumphant" return to Congress on her "Couric & Co." blog at, all the while insisting "scientific consensus" is on Gore's side and that Congress should "act boldly" on the issue.

Portions in bold are my emphasis:

Hi everyone.

The last time Al Gore came to Capitol Hill--six
years ago--he was there to certify the electoral college results that
made George Bush president.

But today it was a triumphant
return, this time as a private citizen, to declare that the world faces
a "planetary emergency" over climate change. And now, a lot of his
skeptics agree that Gore makes a powerful point.

The scientific
consensus is clear, and Gore urged Congress to listen to scientists,
not special interests. He pushed for an immediate freeze on greenhouse
gases, as well as cleaner power plants, more efficient cars, and
stronger conservation efforts.

Gore said "a few years from
now...the kinds of proposals we're talking about today are going to
seem so small compared to the scale of the challenge."

Here's hoping Congress puts partisanship aside, and comes together to act boldly on global warming.

That's a page from my notebook.

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