USA Today: White Men Rioting in DC was ‘Triggering’ to Women

January 13th, 2021 10:52 AM

It’s hard to believe that USA Today, “The Business Traveler’s Diversion of Last Resort Since Whatever Year They Discontinued SkyMall,” has provided the first really good comedy of our post-election hellscape. But Alia E. Dastagir had a piece in the paper’s Jan. 12 Health and Wellness section reporting that “watching the Capitol riot was ‘triggering’ for some women.” 

Eamon Lynch

Golf Shouldn’t Be Safe Harbor For ‘Insurrectionist’ Trump

January 10th, 2021 6:30 PM

The utter shunning of President Donald Trump will not be complete unless he is unable to find safe harbor in the sport of golf that he loves. For Trump is, according to USA Today/Golf Week writer Eamon Lynch, a brazen and immoral insurrectionist and a "racist con man" who ignored the Constitution and the rule of law.

LeBron James

LeBron James Claims KKK-Like Trumpers Got Off Easy Wednesday

January 8th, 2021 12:06 PM

LeBron James put his big feet in his supersized mouth yet again. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar proved he’s fully capable of parroting left-stream media talking points by asking what would have happened if his “kind” had stormed the U.S. Capitol as KKK-like Trump supporters did on Wednesday.

Robstown, TX mascot controversy

Communities Defend ‘Racist’ Nicknames; USA Today Knows Better

January 1st, 2021 2:40 PM

USA Today is on the warpath against high schools with so-called racially insensitive nicknames. In separate stories, USA Today pressured Red Mesa High School in Arizona to drop “Redskins” and Robstown Early College High School in Texas to replace the nickname “Cotton Pickers.”

USA Today Frets Over Hollywood’s LGBT ‘Casting Dilemma’

December 30th, 2020 10:27 AM

You thought journalism was hurting? Not at all. Consider: a pandemic is raging, businesses are being starved by lockdowns, and a whole lot of people don’t believe the results of the presidential election. But back on Nov. 24, USA Today had the resources to…

Thumb on the Scale: Liberal Media Ignore Ossoff’s Ties to Red China

December 21st, 2020 5:34 PM

With the Georgia Senate run-offs about two weeks away, the liberal media have continued to put their thumbs on the scale of the electorate in much the same fashion they did by hiding from voters negative stories about the Biden ticket. In Georgia, one example has been the refusal of the networks and newspapers to cover Democrat Jon Ossoff’s cozy business dealings with the Chinese…

CBS News report on Indians nickname change

USA Today Crowing Over Tomahawking of Indians Nickname

December 14th, 2020 1:43 PM

An embarrassing symbol of arrogance and bullying is coming to an end with the Cleveland Indians announcing plans to scalp their nickname. It’s also a significant racial reckoning in American history sparked by the killing of George Floyd, writes USA Today’s race and inequality editor Mike Freeman.


These People Are Jokes: Reporters Treat Biden to Another Easy Presser

December 5th, 2020 1:23 AM

In a Friday afternoon press conference, the liberal media continued abdicating their responsibility to engage in adversarial journalism towards the incoming Biden administration, treating President-Elect Joe Biden to his fourth round of softballs since the election. This time, five pre-selected reporters served him monotonous (and condescension-free) questions about the coronavirus, his…

USA Today Hypes COVID Panic-Porn: Everyone ‘A Potential Serial Killer’

December 3rd, 2020 3:20 PM

If you took a look at the USA Today op-ed pages early this week hoping to find a little reasoned perspective on the coronavirus, boy, did you go to the wrong place! Instead, you’d have found panic porn in the form of a headline published November 30 screaming “COVID has turned breathing into a deadly event and all of us into potential serial killers”!

Mike Freeman

Woke Sports Book Heavy on Kaepernick Worship, Hatred of Trump

November 24th, 2020 6:18 AM

Mike Freeman's toxic new book on sports and social justice fanaticism starts out with plenty of Kaepernick worship and Trump hatred in the preface and introduction. Considering the source, it's no wonder because Freeman has was recently named the Sports, Race and Inequality Editor at USA Today.

Jarrett Bell

USA Today Uses All-Black NFL Officiating Crew To List Racial Grievance

November 19th, 2020 12:45 PM

Next Monday night's NFL game pitting the Rams against the Buccaneers will feature the first game in the league's history with an all-Black officiating crew, and USA Today's Jarrett Bell ridiculously blows the significance of this out of proportion. He also exploits it to re-open ages-old wounds about racism in America and in football.

Christine Brennan, USA Today

Errant Shot: USA Today Presses Nicklaus to Tell Trump to Quit

November 13th, 2020 3:05 PM

So far, the left-stream media has been unable to persuade President Donald Trump that there is no evidence of voter fraud and he should accept defeat. On Thursday, this prompted USA Today sports writer Christine Brennan to pressure 80-year-old golfing legend Jack Nicklaus to do their dirty work for them.

SHOCKED USA Today Warns: Conservatives Shift to Alternate Social Media

November 13th, 2020 12:34 PM

USA Today seems to  think there is something weird and cultish for conservative to seek alternate social media free of liberal censorship.

Eric Bieniemy

NFL's Daft Draft Pick Plan for Minority Hiring

November 11th, 2020 12:42 PM

Earlier this year, the National Football League toyed with the idea of an affirmative action plan that would improve the draft lot of teams hiring minority coaches and executives. On Tuesday, a modified version of that nutty plan became reality, drawing varied reactions from the sports media.