Doom? Legacy Media ONCE AGAIN Peddles Climate Propaganda Through ‘Doomsday Clock’

January 31st, 2024 3:45 PM

Leftist media outlets have really outdone themselves trying to convince Americans that the climate apocalypse is imminent. 

Several legacy media outlets jumped on an opportunity to make ridiculous claims about the supposed threat of “climate disasters” using the insane “Doomsday Clock” analogy. USA Today, CNN and The Washington Post each claimed that  there are “90 seconds to midnight” on the Doomsday Clock – meaning the world is reportedly the closest it has ever been to the “theoretical point of annihilation.” The outlets absurdly warned that the impending doom is in part due to climate change.

Of all of the leftist media outlets, USA Today took the cake for the most blatant pandering. The outlet published an op-ed piece pushing for absurd climate action by making climate change as important as international wars. The Jan. 23 piece, written by the president of the Bulletin of Atomic Sciences and Doomsday Clock boss Rachel Bronson, complained about oil production, claiming that “we need to move even faster” to enact extreme climate agendas. 

In yet another case of extreme climate fear-mongering, CNN claimed on Jan. 23 that the clock was meant to “gauge how close humanity is to destroying the world” and “spark conversations about difficult scientific topics such as climate change,” as well as the wars in Ukraine and Gaza..CNN, like USA Today, also quoted Bronson who said that the “lack of action on climate change threatens billions of lives and livelihoods” because of “climate related disasters.”

The Washington Post followed a similar path in its own piece about the metaphorical clock. On Jan. 24, The Post lumped in an alleged “spiraling climate crisis” with the current wars in Gaza and Ukraine as “threats continuing to put human existence under pressure.”. Also like CNN, The Post peddled crazy eco-extremist talking points about climate disasters to justify the clock’s heavy consideration of climate change.

To make matters worse, the Doomsday Clock has a very biased history.  The Bulletin of Atomic Sciences has included climate change as one of the risk factors considered in its doomsday estimations since 2007, according to Reuters. Bronson, along with other supporters of the Doomsday Clock climate agenda, donated much more to Democrats than to Republicans, according to research conducted by MRC Business in 2018. It’s clear what they really believe and support.

Conservatives are under attack. Contact USA Today at 800-872-0001, CNN at 1-404-827-1500 and The Washington Post at 800-477-4679 demand that they distance themselves from leftist fear-mongers like the Doomsday Clock.