USA TODAY Canonizes St. Al Gore in Sappy Interview: 'Climate Icon Talks Hope and Regrets'

March 24th, 2024 5:40 AM

USA Today can often sound like a large advertisement for the Left, and never more so than on Monday’s front page celebrating the wisdom and compassion of former Democrat Vice President Al Gore. The infomercial headline: “Climate icon talks hope and regrets.” There's no acknowledgment Gore paid for this message, but it sounds like he did. 

McPaper’s national climate reporter Dinah Voyles Pulver was like most environmental journalists – extremely one-sided activists, always treating the climate panic as climate “reality.” That's what Gore's group is called, the "Climate Reality Project." Pulver began:

In an era when mounting disasters made worse by the warming climate raise fears for the Earth’s future, Al Gore could simply say “I told you so.”

Instead, the silver-haired grandfather regrets not pushing even harder to raise awareness during his more than four decades of trying to warn the world about the dangers of climate change. “I guess I could have done more, wish I had done more I guess,” Gore told USA TODAY in an exclusive interview last week.

Derided by climate change skeptics and pundits for decades, and subjected to memes making light of his concern about global warming, Gore soldiers on.

Then came a list of questions that sounded like they were written by a Gore staffer on his “Climate Reality Project.” She began by asking what’s the “greatest need” to address public perception on climate? Gore said more activists in your local community, but added some biblical panic:

Of course Mother Nature is the most powerful advocate. I often say that every night on the TV news is like a nature ride through the Book of Revelation and indeed almost every day now we see these extreme climate-related events all around the world.

When asked "What's your biggest frustration?," Gore said Big Oil's shameless lies:

Well, that we haven't made more progress, and that some of the fossil fuel companies have been shameless in providing, continuing to provide lavish funding for disinformation and misinformation....

I was pretty slow to recognize how important the massive funding of anti-climate messaging was going on. I underestimated the power of greed in the fossil fuel industry, the shamelessness in putting out the lies.… They are continuing to do similar things today to try to fool people and pull the wool over people's eyes just in the name of greed.

"Anti-climate messaging" is typically skipped in "objective" media reporting -- it's loaded with Gore's "Book of Revelation" doom and rarely balanced in any way by dissent. Gore demanded the world bow to his will and cut carbon emissions in half by 2030, and words like "radical" or "extreme" are never used.