‘Ridiculous’: Teammate Talks About Trans Woman Smashing Swim Records

December 10th, 2021 11:02 AM

If you haven’t heard, there’s an athlete at Penn who’s destroying women’s swimming records. She's a man, baby!

Sen. Rick Scott

Dear NBA: You’re On Notice Over Ties With Murderous China

December 8th, 2021 12:22 PM

Florida’s Sen. Rick Scott is mad as heck at the NBA over its ties with “murderous and tyrannical” China. And he’s not going to take it anymore. The Republican senator called on the NBA to meet with him over its silence on the commies’ “ongoing genocide.” He also wants the league to support his call for removal of the 2022 Winter Olympics from China.

ATP logo

ATP Double Faults On Its Weak Response To China

December 6th, 2021 12:19 PM

The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) is getting roasted for its pathetic treatment of China in the wake of Peng Shuai’s recent disappearance. Unlike the Women’s Tennis Association (WTP), the ATP issued weak statements without even mentioning China. It’s feeble response to China’s human rights violations is drawing a lot of criticism.

Kurt Beathard

Illinois State Fired Coach Who Bucked BLM, Learns All Lawsuits Matter

December 5th, 2021 6:30 PM

Illinois State University is getting hauled into court for intolerance. Former assistant football coach Kurt Beathard is suing the university that fired him in 2020 for removing a Black Lives Matter poster from his office door and replacing it with a Christian-themed "All Lives Matter" sign.

Sen. Ted Cruz

Sen. Cruz Says Women’s Tennis Association Has More Balls Than NBA

December 3rd, 2021 1:16 PM

At last, a professional sports association has the guts to stand up to China. It’s the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (Rep-Texas) says it possesses more of a certain male characteristic than China’s whipping boy, the National basketball Association.

Tate Myre: Hero

Michigan Prep Star Laid Down His Life To Save Others

December 2nd, 2021 1:10 PM

Though he was only 16-years-old, Tate Myre was a captain on the Oxford High School football team in Michigan. It’s no wonder he was also on Toledo University’s radar for his football and leadership skills. The heroic youth sacrificed his life to save the lives classmates during the tragic shooting at his school last Tuesday. Two other students and a teacher were also murdered by a sophomore…

Sarah Fuller highlighted on ESPN SportsCenter in 2020

Media Wowed As Female Vandy Kicker Returns To National Spotlight

November 30th, 2021 1:19 PM

Sarah Fuller, the former Vanderbilt University soccer player, really wowed the easily impressed left-stream media last year when she kicked for the football team a few times. Fuller mania is flaring up again because she’s now working for a sports agency as an adviser on how others can cash in on their names, images and likenesses.

Overseas Sports Panicking Over Omicron; Will U.S. Follow?

November 29th, 2021 1:42 PM

The Omicron coronavirus variant wreaked havoc on sports overseas this weekend. Given this news, guess who is once again ready to sound the alarm for sports over here in the States? Yes, it’s Dr. Anthony Fauci, who’s already using this development to apply another full-court press for vaccinations.

NBA, James Worked Up Over Vigilante, Ignore China Star’s Disappearance

November 26th, 2021 1:20 PM

When comparing the reactions of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and LeBron James to U.S. events with the egregious abuses in China, those two are some piece of work. The NBA issued a statement decrying vigilantism in the U.S., but the league and James seemed to be tongue-tied over the disappearance of Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai. She accused a high-ranking Chinese communist of raping her and…

D-Wade Goes All-Pro as Father of ‘Beautiful Trans ‘Daughter’

November 23rd, 2021 2:03 PM

Want a “model” family that will make you a hero of the Left? Encourage one of your children to claim gender confusion and then tell the world how incredibly wonderful that is. This worked to perfection for former NBA all-star like Dwyane Wade, who said on The Daily Show recently that his transgender son is developing into a beautiful young woman.

Colin Kaepernick

Rittenhouse Reinforces Kaepernick’s White Supremacy Theory

November 22nd, 2021 1:47 PM

The Kenosha race riots and Kyle Rittenhouse jury verdict are now officially complete. Colin Kaepernick has weighed in. He’s added his special blend of America- and cop-hating, tear-it-all-down, abolish the white supremacist system vitriol that has been his stock and trade ever since he torched his NFL career.

Bubba Wallace

Rittenhouse Verdict Sends Athletes Into Racism Overload

November 21st, 2021 4:13 PM

It’s 2020 and déjà vu all over again. Athletes misled by President Joe Biden and corrupt left-stream media are once again overdosing on white supremacy Kool-Aid.  False narratives over the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict are pushing them over the edge, just as the Jacob Blake incident did a year ago. Based on their rhetoric, it's not a stretch to think they would have preferred the judge and jury…

Enes Kanter

Kanter Roasts ‘LeChina’ James For Putting Money Over Morality

November 19th, 2021 12:11 PM


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Kanter Blasts ‘LeChina’ James Ahead Of Tonight’s Celtics-Lakers Game

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2022 Beijing Olympics logo

U.S. Corporate Sponsors Won’t Rock Boat During China Olympics

November 17th, 2021 12:26 PM

The 2022 Winter Olympics are coming up Feb. 4-20 in Beijing and many people around the world are treating this opportunity for communist propaganda like the Wuhan virus. Even the Biden Administration is refusing to send a delegation. Some folks, though, don’t have any compunctions against associating with an evil, oppressive Chinese regime.