Nets Uninterested in Biden Getting Caught With Journo's Q in Advance

April 26th, 2023 8:28 PM

Late Wednesday afternoon, The New York Post was the first to report on a photo taken by an AFP photojournalist which appeared to show the 80-year-old President Joe Biden had advanced knowledge of at least one reporter's question (LA Times reporter Courtney Subramanian) during Wednesday's joint press conference with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol. The photo quickly spread online…


Nets HAIL Trans Lefty Saying Opposing Them Means ‘Blood on Your Hands’

April 26th, 2023 7:43 PM

Wednesday’s broadcast networks brought the first batch of broadcast network stories trashing the push to protect women and girls from biological men and children from medical castration by the Montana state legislature and cheering the latest leftist hooliganism. Worse yet, they cheered transgender Representative Zooey Zephyr (D) — a man pretending to a woman — threatening anyone who supports…


WOW: CBS & NBC Highlight Bad Polling, Voter Concerns Over Biden's Age

April 25th, 2023 9:10 PM

On Tuesday, Americans received an answer to one of the biggest sources of speculation in American politics over the past few months: will President Joe Biden run for reelection given his advanced age and apparent cognitive decline? The answer is yes. Late Tuesday evening, CBS Evening News & NBC Nightly News surprisingly noted the concerns many voters had regarding Biden’s…


ABC, NBC Hide BRUTAL News on Intel Letter Dismissing Hunter’s Laptop

April 21st, 2023 1:07 PM

The news got worse Thursday for Hunter Biden as it was revealed now-Secretary of State Antony Blinken was the catalyst behind the debunked and infamous October 2020 letter from former intelligence officials dismissing the surfacing of Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation. This bombshell showing more interference in the 2020 election was nowhere to be found on the Thursday night…


Disney-Owned ABC WHINES Florida ‘Expanded the Don’t Say Gay Bill’

April 20th, 2023 12:01 PM

Acting on behalf of its parental overlords in Ron DeSantis-hating Disney, ABC’s Good Morning America ran a 62-second segment Thursday trashing the Florida Republican governor’s Board of Education for having “expanded the Don't Say Gay bill” that “critics dangerous” to the lives of students. ABC had a helping hand as Wednesday’s NBC Nightly News also bemoaned the…


CBS Reports on Hunter Biden Whistleblower Bombshell, ABC & NBC Ignore

April 19th, 2023 9:29 PM

On Wednesday afternoon, The Wall Street Journal reported that a whistleblower who works in the IRS's criminal investigation division came forward to reveal that the Biden administration is giving Hunter Biden preferential treatment and has tried to stonewall the investigation into the alleged tax crimes Hunter committed. If this had been a Republican administration running…


Nets Ignore GOP GRILLING Mayorkas Over Biden's Border Crisis

April 18th, 2023 9:21 PM

For the second day in a row, a congressional committee hearing made headlines. Both times the “big three” evening news broadcasts decided to blow off covering the story due to their desire to protect Congressional Democrats from embarrassing headlines. This time, on Tuesday the Senate Homeland Security Committee grilled Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas due to his horrific…


Nets Ignore Shameful Democrat Attacks Against Victims of NYC Crime

April 17th, 2023 9:00 PM

On Monday, the House Judiciary Committee held a field hearing on the rampant violent crime that takes place on a daily basis in Democrat-run New York City due to the pro-criminal policies of Mayor Eric Adams and George Soros-backed prosecutor Alvin Bragg. Yet despite the third-world conditions of cities like New York that have practically become more dangerous than war zones, the Democrat…


‘Teen Takeover’; Lefty Nets Refuse to Cover New Lawlessness in Chicago

April 17th, 2023 1:46 PM

Over the weekend, Chicago was the site of further unrest as mobs of teenagers terrorized some of the city’s busiest streets, sending both residents and tourists fleeing amid gunfire that left two teens shot, 14 people arrested, city transportation disrupted, and cars smashed. None of this interested the broadcast networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC or lefty cable network CNN on their flagship Sunday…


Networks Pout Over Florida's New Abortion Restrictions

April 13th, 2023 9:55 PM

On Thursday, the Florida state legislature passed legislation which would put in place an abortion ban for unborn babies with detectable heartbeats. This major pro-life victory was celebrated by civilized people everywhere who realize how evil abortion is because of…

Nets Skip News Hunter's Associates Visited Obama/Biden WH 80+ Times

April 11th, 2023 9:05 PM

Fox News Digital reported on another bombshell in the Hunter Biden scandal which added to the mounting evidence that despite what President Joe Biden claims, it appears he did in fact know about his delinquent drug addict son Hunter’s business dealings. In Fox’s report, “Four business partners, a vice president, and two assistants at Hunter Biden’s now-defunct firm visited the White House more…

NewsBusters Podcast: Al Roker Gets Easter Egg-Rolled by the Bidens

April 10th, 2023 9:19 PM

President Biden routinely avoids interviews with real journalists and press conferences. But at the Easter Egg Roll, Joe and Jill were lightly massaged on the Today show by NBC morning weather man Al Roker. It felt like Valentine's Day. Plus: the major difference between covering young black leftist Democrats in Tennessee and the seasoned black conservative on the Supreme Court.


Nets Bemoan GOP Ousting Tennessee Dem Over Lack of Decorum

April 6th, 2023 9:10 PM

On Thursday afternoon, the Tennessee legislature voted to oust three Democrat members of the state’s House of Representatives due to them instigating an insurrection earlier in the week over the left’s demand that the legislative body passes a gun control bill. Later Thursday evening, the big three evening newscasts were clearly angry that Republicans would dare enforce decorum and punish the…

Nets Ignore How CCP-Tied Financier Tried to Funnel Millions to Obama

April 6th, 2023 3:28 PM

ABC, CBS and NBC took a stand on a potential scandal involving tens of millions in reportedly stolen money and former President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign: We won’t report on this.