"John Kasich Is No Moderate" a teaser headline at MSNBC.com's home page warns over an ominous black-and-white photo of the Ohio governor. Sure "[t]he genial Ohio governor has forged a reputation as a pragmatic centrist who can bring people together," the teaser caption notes, but, "His record and policy positions tell a different story."

Watch it happen like clockwork twice this year. Adjusting the clock for daylight savings? No. MSNBC's fear-mongering about voter ID laws, happening now in front of the North Carolina, Florida, and Ohio primaries and surely to repeat later this fall in front of the general election in those states.

MSNBC's point-man on all things voter ID-related, Zachary Roth, has glommed on to Jeb Bush's accidentally check-marking himself as Hispanic on a voter registration form to argue essentially, that most Americans are dumb and unreliable to take the effort to register themselves to vote and, thereby, government should take over and automatically register all eligible citizens.

In his February 9 story on MSNBC's The Reid Report headlined "Counted Out," network correspondent Zachary Roth offered viewers a misleading look at the plight of an Iowa woman who "had been charged with illegal voting." In point of fact, the woman in question, an ex-felon named Kelli Jo Griffin, was prosecuted for committing perjury by lying about her disqualification on a voter registration form.

Covering Obama Defense Secretary nominee Ash Carter's Senate confirmation hearing today, MSNBC.com writer Zachary Roth painted a picture of a man who is gliding along smoothly into his post as the new Pentagon chief. But completely omitted from his story was any mention of Carter's rambling non-answer to Sen. John McCain's inquiry as to what Carter understands Obama administration strategy for defeating ISIS to be.

"Voting Under Attack" blares the teaser headline for a new Zachary Roth piece at MSNBC.com looking at efforts in five states to pass new voter ID laws. 

"'Horrendous' Ruling: Federal court upholds controversial voter ID law" blared the top-of-the-page teaser headline for Zachary Roth's October 7 story on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals upholding the Badger State's 2012 voter ID law which has been tangled up in court for the past two years. 

Examining how the Missouri town of "Ferguson’s lack of diversity goes way beyond its cops," MSNBC.com's Zachary Roth examined numerous factors that had led to the city's elected officials being predominantly comprised of white folks while the city itself is roughly two-thirds African-American.

Roth explained that turnout in city elections are dreadfully low, often in the teens but dipping as low as 8.9 percent just two years ago. But of course this being the perpetually race-obsessed Lean Forward network, Roth found something sinister in the time and manner of the city's elections:

The folks at msnbc.com are absolutely confounded that a new Texas voter ID law does NOT permit the usage of out-of-state driver's licenses to establish one's identity for voting. 

"Even an out-of-state driver's license is not an acceptable form of ID under the law," whines a caption for an item on the network's Facebook page, promoting an article by Zachary Roth about a federal lawsuit challenging the Lone Star State's law. I found this on my Facebook page earlier this afternoon. As you can see in the screen capture below the page break, the network actually paid money to promote this particular post as sponsored content. 

Allowing a state to require a potential voter to furnish proof of U.S. citizenship is a "blow to voting rights," according to msnbc.com's Zachary Roth.

The Lean Forward network scribe lamented yesterday's ruling by federal judge Eric Melgren -- Roth made sure to note he's a George W. Bush appointee -- and produced the Left's usual suspects on voting rights issues to whine about how this could adversely affect Democrats. Suffice to say, Roth couldn't be bothered to fairly represent the other side of the story, you know, folks who think the ruling was correct:

Even when attempting to say something nice about a conservative, MSNBC somehow managed to stick its foot in its mouth. Resident MSNBC.com voter-ID conspiracy theorist Zachary Roth sickeningly blared in a March 5th piece that “No One Pushes Greg Abbott Around” with an accompanying picture of Mr.  Abbott waiving to supporters from his wheelchair.  

Roth spent the first three paragraphs in a fairly tame manner, describing how Abbott was left paralyzed at age 26 from a freak accident the Republican sustained while running, before launching into an all-out attack on the Texan. Roth promoted how Abbott “likes to point out that he’s filed 30 lawsuits against “Barack Obama”—never President Obama—and his administration.”

Does Zachary Roth ever get tired of hyperventilating over new voting laws being passed across the country? He must not because yet again the MSNBC reporter freaked out over the Republican-controlled legislature “restricts the right to vote.” Just in the last year, Roth has penned more than 50 articles on the subject of voting and how the GOP wants to make it harder for Democrats and minorities to vote.  

The February 20 article began with Roth groaning that “Ohio lawmakers passed two restrictive Republican voting billsWednesday night, raising the prospect that casting a ballot this fall could be much more difficult, especially for minority voters.”