Carlson: Liberal Media Want Division, People to ‘Hate One Another’

Between Wednesday and Thursday nights, Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson was in rare form when discussing the riots in Minneapolis supposedly in appropriate response to the heinous, police-involved killing of African-American man George Floyd. Carlson didn’t mince words, noting that “news organizations like CNN” want Americans to “hate one another” and wondering…

Amid Pandemic, FNC Continues to Embarrass CNN, MSNBC in Ratings

While the coronavirus pandemic has upended television programming and viewing in a litany of ways, one thing has remained the same, which has been the Fox News Channel's domance as the most-watched network in the cable TV industry. FNC also continued its beatdown of liberal rivals MSNBC and CNN in total day numbers, primetime ratings, and the coveted advertising viewership…

Carlson, Logan Slam Media's Myopic Coverage of Coronavirus

Leading off his eponymous Fox News show on Tuesday with a montrage of liberal media hypocrisy on coronavirus lockdowns, Tucker Carlson brought on veteran journalist Lara Logan to further excoriate the liberal media for showing anger and disapproval with the reopening of America and people daring to leave their homes. Logan stressed the importance of looking “at the whole context…

Carlson Blasts the Liberal Media for Mental Pain Caused by Lockdowns

Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson began his eponymous show Wednesday with a lengthy monologue eviscerating the left and their allies in the media for their eager peddling of indefinite lockdowns and limits on American life with no expiration dates. Specifically, he called out the liberal media for their dangerous promotion of eternal lockdowns contributing to a massive, national mental health…

After CNNer Mocked Her, Janice Dean Talks About Losing Family to Virus

Somewhere, Matt Dornic, Jeff Zucker, and the rest of CNN must be nodding and smiling in approval. Thursday afternoon on Twitter, Never Trumper and CNN political commentator Ana Navarro gleefully attacked Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean for calling out Wednesday’s despicable, mega-swab-filled, and now-infamous Cuomo Prime Time segment. Check out the full post to see Dean…

CNN's Berman Suggests Tucker Carlson Is a 'Buffoon' on Dr. Fauci

Tucker Carlson committed the mortal sin of questioning the unerring wisdom of Dr. Fauci. And for that, CNN's John Berman suggests that Carlson is a "buffoon."

Cuomo Blasts Claims Virus Came from Lab, But He Reported It Last Month

Proving that the facts didn’t matter when the mission was to destroy President Trump and right-leaning media, CNN host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo raged at folks who cited reports and intelligence sources that suggested the coronavirus might have escaped a laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The Monday segment on Cuomo PrimeTime was filled with hyperbole, smears, and lies…

Amid Pandemic, Fox News Scores Highest-Rated Month Ever in Primetime

Prime time was a great time for the Fox News Channel in April, when the top-rated cable network used its coverage of the coronavirus pandemic to attract its largest evening audience ever and draw its second highest-ratings in total day viewership since its reporting on the Iraq War in 2003. At the same time, the channel delivered an audience of 3.7 million people and 671,000 in the demographic of…

Tucker: YouTube ‘Officially Banned Dissent’ Deleting Medical Opinions

A popular video featuring California emergency doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi was taken down by YouTube for “violating YouTube’s terms of service.” Based on their own research, the hour-long conference asked, “Does this make sense? Are we following the science?”

Journalist Details ‘Very Credible’ Corroboration of Biden Allegations

Talking to Fox News host Tucker Carlson Monday night, investigative journalist Rich McHugh detailed his reporting on the latest person to corroborate former Senate staffer Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. McHugh explained that a neighbor of Reade, whom he deemed “very credible,” recalled Reade telling her about the…

Tucker Schools ‘Buff Cable News Lazarus’ Fredo for Coronavirus Lies

Having been nearly 24 hours since CNN and Prime Time host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo staged their piece of fake news propaganda, Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson finally got a chance Tuesday night on his eponymous show to take a blowtorch to Cuomo as a “buff cable news Lazarus” fueled by “narcissism” and “wants you think he has risen from the dead” of…

WashPost Claims Only Fox Took a 'Righteous' Side on Hydroxychloroquine

On Saturday, Washington Post media reporter Paul Farhi reported on Fox News with the hyperbolic headline “Up-in-arms Fox hosts fuel a drug war.” This might spur mental pictures of Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham flying a plane dropping herbicides on the coca fields. But it’s not an illegal or addictive drug. It's hydroxychloroquine. Farhi weirdly claimed other outlets were…

MSNBC Hypes Attack on 'Right-Wing Clone' of Trump, Tucker Carlson

On his Fox News show of April 7th, Tucker Carlson noted that experts, including Dr. Zeke Emanuel [of the far-left Center for American Progress], are saying society cannot return to normal for at least 18 months. Carlson pointed out how wrong those same experts have been when it came to projecting hospitalization rates, needed numbers of ventilators, etc. On Morning Joe of April 8th, Emanuel…

Tucker: Mika's Claim Trump Has Financial Stake in New Drug Is 'Crazy'

On his Fox News show, Tucker Carlson calls Mika Brzezinski's accusation that President Trump has a financial stake in hydroxychloroquine "the most reckless claim" he'd ever heard during a pandemic. Tucker went on to label Mika's claim "paranoid, and crazy, and stupid," adding, "to say something like that on your stupid television show is totally wrong."…