Mika Brzezinski Morning Joe 8-20-20

Morning Joe Can't Admit: Kamala Was Blah-Mala

August 20th, 2020 7:40 AM

Kamala Harris laid an egg last night. In Morning Joe's opening segment, Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist couldn't really find any words of praise for Harris' acceptance speech at the DNC convention. They turned to a Quibi commentator (and NBC News alum) Shawna Thomas instead, and the best she could come up with was to say that Harris did "an admirable job" of reintroducing herself in…


The ‘Context’: MTP Panel Says Biden’s Lies Make Him ‘Reaganesque'

September 1st, 2019 3:13 PM
It wasn’t just ABC stepping in to defend former Vice President Joe Biden from the false war story he was peddling at campaign events. During Sunday’s Meet the Press panel on NBC, the mostly liberal panel swooped in on Biden’s behalf to argue that President Trump’s lies were insidious, while the former VP’s were about American heroism. The panel demanded context be considered, while suggesting…

Todd Worries That 'Damage Is Done' Regarding Citizenship Question

July 8th, 2019 3:16 PM
The first panel discussion on Sunday’s edition of Meet the Press focused entirely on immigration-related topics. A group of supposedly objective reporters whined about President Trump’s immigration policies while moderator Chuck Todd pushed a conspiracy theory that “the damage is done” regarding the citizenship question because even if it does not end up on the census, “many Hispanics may hear…

ABC's Dowd: Weld Primary Challenge is a 'Really Smart Political Move'

February 18th, 2019 3:25 PM
Just days after announcing that he was forming an exploratory committee to run against President Trump in the Republican primary, longshot Presidential candidate Bill Weld appears to have at least one passionate supporter in the media: ABC’s Matthew Dowd. Even after his fellow panelists on This Week made compelling arguments explaining why Weld’s candidacy will ultimately not go anywhere, Dowd…

Vice News DC Chief Admits There Were ‘Paid’ Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters

October 7th, 2018 1:30 PM
Many in the liberal media scoff when President Trump or others on the right point out that leftists pay protesters to show up and organize. During ABC’s This Week on Sunday, the network’s chief White House correspondent Jon Karl sought to discredit the assertion since the President noted it at a rally the previous night. But he didn’t appear to get the answer he was looking when Vice News D.C.…

Media Whine Trump 'Using' Tibbetts Murder to Distract From Cohen Plea

August 22nd, 2018 3:02 PM
Not even 24 hours after news broke that missing Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts was murdered by an illegal immigrant, the media are already trying to sweep the story under the rug and whine that Republicans want to distract attention away from the “more important” Michael Cohen plea deal.

MSNBC: Harassment of Trump Officials a Tool to Avoid Genocide

June 26th, 2018 10:18 AM
Over the weekend, MSNBC repeatedly failed to condemn the removal of Sarah Huckabee Sanders from a Virginia restaurant because of her political affiliation. The story received only minutes of coverage, often being squeezed into the last moments of a program in favor of wall-to-wall coverage of the immigration crisis, but the tacit approval of the removal was remarkable.   

'BOW DOWN:' NBC's White House Producer Goes Gaga Over Michelle Obama's

February 12th, 2014 12:12 AM
Fifty years to the day after The Beatles' first concert in the United States, NBC's Shawna Thomas could have been mistaken for one of the screaming fan girls at the Washington Coliseum. But instead of idolizing the rock and roll band, the network's White House producer shouted for joy over Michelle Obama's gown, which the First Lady wore to Tuesday's state dinner for French President Francois…

What About Settled Science? Media Change Definition of Abortion to Pro

January 7th, 2014 2:46 PM
Co-authored with Drew Belsky Shortly before the new year, a number of religious organizations were given protection from the HHS abortion and contraception mandate.  While social conservatives and defenders of the First Amendment cheered, numerous prominent media organizations manipulated basic scientific facts to deny that the mandate - required by federal law - forces people to fund…

NBC Broadcasts More 'Dear Congress' Attack Tweets, But Tweeters Also S

October 4th, 2013 8:26 PM
On Friday night's NBC Nightly News, reporter Kelly O’Donnell and producer Shawna Thomas brought out more tweets addressed to its “Dear Congress” hashtag. It’s a little fun now to see what other tweets these Twitter correspondents are posting. A “MrKristoff” was quoted for tweeting “@johnboehner Enough already. Stop claiming to speak for American people & start Listening. #DearCongress”.…

Taranto: Reporters Look Like 'Obama's Pet Hamsters' In Avoiding His St

September 5th, 2013 10:12 PM
NewsBusters wasn't the only site collecting strange media treatment of Obama's strange denial that he'd ever set a "red line" against Syria's use of chemical weapons. James Taranto at The Wall Street Journal wrote on Thursday that "The fierce watchdogs of the press, confronted with this brazen falsehood, show themselves once again to be Obama's pet hamsters." Take the "fact checkers." Instead…